So I have good news! We discovered on Saturday that there is a set of splints that do stretching! The company that makes them  is Dynasplint Systems Inc. Their ad says, “Regain Your Range of Motion!” and “Stretch Beyond Your Expectations!”  The consultant I talked to convinced me when she mentioned they were, “Pain free!” (Music to my ears!)  It sounds wonderful (although  probably quite expensive) and perfect for our situation! And the way this all came about is a rather interesting story.

It starts with Charley’s job. Charley (you all know him as Charles, but, hey, I met him in high school so he’s Charley to me ;)) works for San Diego’s Union Tribune. That’s a newspaper. You know, it’s like a news report delivered to your door in paper form. Still with me? Here I’ll help you out by providing a link: LINK!Okay, so it’s quite antiquated. (Although maybe the link was insulting to your intelligence. :))  Believe it or not, the employees at the newspaper are not oblivious to the fact that the newspaper has fallen on hard times. We got our official letter from James Copley, the owner of the Union Tribune, and have been warned about the hard times ahead. In fact, it’s looking like many people are about to lose their jobs (possibly by the end of the week). Many more will  take pay cuts. And the newspaper itself is  up for sale.  Charley is hopeful that he will retain  employment since he works in IT (the computery side of things). However,  we’ve had our 401K matching cut off, our insurance go way up (along with copays), and there are a couple of months coming where  employees will have to take a couple days  per month of leave without pay.  This means that our insurance is pricier and we’re starting to worry about losing it all together. Besides what that means for Laelia (since  she is dependent on this insurance for medical care and therapy), it also  means that we are starting to use what we have while we have it. Which led us to make  dental and eye appointments out of the blue. (Even though I hate both of those things!)

Which leads me  back to my  story. So we went to the eye doctor Saturday to use up anything our remaining  insurance would give us. Yes, I have astigmatism. No, I don’t wear my  glasses like a good girl. Yes, I should go to the optometrist. No, I won’t! It’s sad considering that I’ve worked at three libraries in my day, and Charley is really disappointed that I never had a sexy pair of librarian glasses. (He was really pushing the upturned frames with the pearl chain.  Ugh.)

So  we were  getting ready for our local (walking distance) optometrist appointment when we realized that neither one of us had gotten a sitter for Laelia. So we dragged her along so she could make friends with the nice optometry people. Well I put her on a chair where she could show off her  excellent  balance, and one optician complimented her good sitting abilities. So I told her about the Bumbo chair that I got at my baby shower. Those things hold the baby in place so they learn to sit up. Well then she mentioned that it wouldn’t work with her daughter, what with  her casts and all!

Turns out that the optician, Holly, had an adorable little five-month old with club feet and spina bifida. So we learned about her little one, Annabelle, while Holly and Laelia played together. Laelia got to be an encouragement to someone, and that made me very happy. Laelia was on her best behavior too! … Well most of the time. :)

Then a patient came in the office for contacts or something and Holly introduced us. Her name was Kim and she was an ankle and foot sales consultant for Dynasplint. She ran back to her car and brought us flyers and brochures. They have splints for everything Lali needs: elbows, wrists, knees, fingers, even shoulder rotation! What caught my eye was the knee splints (since we tried those awful KAFOs that slipped and didn’t work because we had the Dennis-Brown bar in the way). I mean I can’t tell you how many times I have wrapped up her knees in stockinette as make-shift knee braces when they had these wonderful things available!

Dynasplint Knee Extension Splint

So that’s how we found out about these nifty gadgets. They don’t just splint your joints, they stretch them! I sure hope we can get these with our insurance or something! Like I said in a previous post, the more we stretch her the better off she is! And these would be like continuous stretches throughout the day! Of course I wouldn’t cover her whole body with them since she needs THEM ALL. But I would just try to get some for her knees (or maybe just the left knee if  it’s too expensive). Or her right wrist that we’re having problems with. Or her inverted shoulders! Those are  her most painful stretches! (I hope they have all this stuff available in infant sizes!)

Right as Kim was leaving she hugged Holly and said something about how she knew God brought her here for a reason today.

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  1. Suzi Pitts says:

    Hello !
    Please let me know if there is anything I can help you with during your sweet one’s rehabilitation! Your blog is lovely, and my prayers go out for complete healing.
    Suzi Pitts
    Communications Director
    Dynasplint Systems, Inc.

  2. Robin Clark says:

    Talk about divine order! The events were planned by One much greater than ourselves!! Great, encouraging news.

    Robin Clarl

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