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Laelia’s Christmas! (warning: enough pictures to upset an older computer)

Friday, January 2nd, 2009


I wish I had some pictures from  Laelia’s Christmas Day Adventures(TM), but I accidentally left my camera at home. Above is a picture we took when we got home. She’s a little reindeer. (Not a devil, Charilyn! :))

We took her to see Chelsea’s family on Christmas day.  Baby had a ton of fun. She tried some pie, and made eyes at Adam, and listened to musical snowmen, and knocked over blocks, and refused to nap, and was adored by all and so forth and so on.  :)  They were happy to have a Christmas baby since the celebrations were lacking one.  (And I saw some not so subtle hints towards the young marrieds there to supply one for next year!) :)

On Christmas Eve (I’m going in reverse) we spent some time with my mom’s side of the family when they came down to see Nathan move into his new place. We had dinner with my cousins and aunt and uncle. Here are some cute pictures.

Cousin Tice!

Cousins Josh and Nathan

Josh’s face after  learning that the waitress thought he was gay. Long story. :)

Haha, yes the background (upper right)  does say “Born in a brewery.” :)

Laelia getting to sign Tice’s cast. Finally it’s her turn to be the one signing the cast instead of the one wearing the cast! :)


This is one of  my favorite pictures  of Little Miss Busy Fingers being herself. She almost dragged a glass off the table and Josh’s dessert! We tried to put everything else out of reach. Nathan kept putting her little arms back on the table so she could continue her mischief. :) (Click on the picture above for a video of that!)

The whole family!

Then Charilyn  babysat Lali the  day after Christmas while Charley and I went to the movies. (Slumdog Millionare, go see it!) We got back and Lali was just getting sick, but she wasn’t too fussy. Then we played more canasta (Charley and I kicked some serious family tush!) before they all got ready for Josh’s birthday concert. We had to get  our little sickie-face to bed. All in all a great holiday!

Laelia’s present from us  this year was her Christmas “gookie” (or “caaaa” as she’s been calling kitties now). We named her Pokeylope. The two are pretty cute together. But  Pokeylope looks just like our other cat. Here are the two different cats, can you tell which one is the new one? Hint: Puppy (the other  cat) won’t let baby touch her.  

Oh and here’s one last picture I labeled “drunken reindeer.” Enjoy! :)


Flat on her face! :) Busy day I guess.

Merry Christmas!


I’m angry!

Thursday, January 1st, 2009

Okay time for a little venting. *rolls up her sleeves* Here I go.

(Oh and keep in mind I still maintain a smile on my face throughout my venting. :) I’m a joking venter. And since I haven’t been on here for awhile I’ll just give  you one rage-filled snippet for every month.)  

October: I’m mad  about insensitive comments in public places. Like these  moms at the pediatrician’s office. They (three of ‘em!) sat around watching their one-year-olds run around. We were all in for our kids’ first year shots around Lali’s birthday meaning that  all these kiddos are roughly the same age. So we’re all waiting for our appointments with the scary needles and the moms start commenting on “the walking age”: what it is and when to “appropriately” hit it. They complained about their  kids not learning to run and jump fast enough! Another kid  entered the room  and one mom actually said, “See look at that little boy. You should be walking good like him!” And she was serious! God forbid she turn around and say, “See that little girl in the stroller? Don’t walk like her, she can’t do it!” I wanted to scream, STOP COMPLAINING YOU FUSSY, OVER-CRITICAL CRAZY LADIES! THEY ARE ONLY ONE-YEAR-OLDS FOR GOD’S SAKE! THEY WALK FINE AND WILL CONTINUE TO BE PROFICIENT AT IT FOR MANY YEARS!!! SOME KIDS CAN’T!!!

*pant pant*

Okay I feel better. :)

November: I’m also mad about rude people who can’t apologize when they’ve screwed up my daughter’s medical schedule. I’m talking  about Audre Walkins. (Yeah I got a name all right!)  I called Shriners before Thanksgiving to see where my application was at. They said they would set up an appointment with me after they processed it and that it would take like three weeks or so right? (No, I didn’t get a name of the person who said that.)  So how come it has been a few months? We  had bought tickets to  be there for Thanksgiving and needed to see a specific doctor for a second opinion. Well  Audre… Audre  Walkins that is (see the name I got!),  was so rude! She practically informed me that I had never contacted them in the first place! Then she guaranteed me  in  short, crisp  words  that this doctor was booked through the next year and implied that it was my fault for not following up with them. When I asked what we could do now, she repeated (REPEATED!) the same things she had just said, only slower and more pronounced. So I asked what happened to my application? And you know what she did? She repeated (REPEATED!) the  same (SAME!) exact thing she had just repeated twice now about how I wasn’t going to see the doctor until after the new year in that same  you’re-an-idiot speed. So  I hung up on her! I’ve *never* hung up on anyone! (Okay maybe with Charley… while we were dating… um, that one time :) But like practically never.) … (And he had it coming!) *sigh* It’s not like I wasn’t willing to work with the delay, the bad news, the scheduling nightmare that is the medical field, but come on now! Bad lady! *scolding*  And lets get one thing straight,  missy, (And by  “missy” I mean AUDRE WALKINS!!! Who I hope has a boss who reads random blogs like mine!)  I’m not the inconvenience to your work day. I’m a p-a-r-e-n-t!  A  parent of a special needs child who it might behove you to be nice to!!!  (Now let me repeat that slower a few times for you.)

December: Okay last beef with the world: YouTube. Now I love YouTube (besides the occasional sick/crazy person finding me on there), but does  it have to put up  links to other YouTube videos after  my video is done? And it puts up  links to other videos that are “similar” to mine, meaning ones with a similar title for instance.  And guess what genius named her child, Laelia, and posted pictures of her daughter on YouTube? Me? Guess again! And what is this other little Laelia doing right now? WALKING! So let me  take you through the process:  One of my daughter’s cute videos is done, okay, awwww and all that,  and the next thing you see flashing up on the screen is another video of  different  little girl (who looks a bit like mine)  with the caption, “Laelia walking!” Seriously I cried my eyes out the first time I saw that! My next reaction (which still lingers with me and I like much better) was complete and utter rage. How dare you name your child something that I came up with! That no other child has!  A name I associate with arthrogryposis because a laelia  is an orchid with curly petals just as my child has curly limbs (at birth)! Then you  post videos of your child  (who by the way  is not half as cute as mine) where she is walking around? *continues whining and stops her foot* Take them all down RIGHT NOW and rename your child Betty!!!


Okay I feel better now. :) Thanks for letting me vent.  I’m hoping January doesn’t have a doosey of an anger-evoking surprise in store for me. If it does, I hope I  still have my good humor, if not a good attitude.


Thursday, January 1st, 2009


So it’s been  several  days since Laelia has eaten anything substantial. We’ve managed to get quite a bit of milk, a tiny bit of Pedialyte (the juice for sick kids) and  two bites here or there of baby food into her but that’s it. She not only refuses to eat anything, but she says several things rhyming with “NO!” then shakes her head. (My favorite is “GOW!”) She also spits food out and then starts coughing. She can’t breathe and close her mouth at the same time so I think that  just makes food  even less desirable for her.  Although I did force feed her last night because I was worried; that just made us both miserable.

So of course her pediatrician  is not  in over the new year and we waited this long to call. And the emergency number led us to the nurse who talked us out of taking her to the emergency room. “I think it’s just a bad cold which caused tummy aches due to mucus, complicated by teething, but you’d be better off waiting until the doctor is in tomorrow than to put her through the emergency room.”

But she sounds like an old man with that cough and she barely keeps her head up!

Aw the joys of parenting. But this morning she seemed a bit better. She hasn’t slept really well lately, but after our battle last night with food, she did sleep until the morning. I think the hunger was keeping her up. Charley was able to get some spaghetti with sauce  down her this afternoon (healthy I know, but at least it was heavy in calories).

So now that I’ve said all that, I’m going to come across as a terrible, uncaring mother when I say that a sick Lali is an ADORABLE Lali. :) She cuddles with me instead of exploring her world like the willful child she is. She rests her head against my chest and sings me a little song in the weakest voice while I rock her and kiss the top of her head. This sickness has made her darn right snuggly! And I’m trying not to love every minute of it! :)

So except for the not eating part (a fear of mine dating back to several nightmares of starving  babies), and the nose running, we’ve been enjoying our mellow, quiet, snuggly baby. And she’s stolen my pillow (as seen above) as her comfort pillow and covered in enough  germs that I haven’t tried to take it back yet. Add that to the fact that we haven’t been stretching her because she’s so sick  and at least there’s something good in this for her too.