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Laelia singing :)

Monday, March 30th, 2009

For Dave. ;)

Busy girl gets into everything!

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009


Yay the computer!


Almost forgot the mouse. Move over Daddy!


Click click click type type type! :) (Click here for the video.)

Busy hands. Busy fingers. Busy baby! So I have a busy little baby who is into EVERYTHING! I thought she was disabled! Who lied to me?!! :) For one thing I can no longer put things out of reach unless they are SEVERAL feet away. She gets into my purse, steals my keys (without me noticing!), knocks over the cat water dish (okay just the one time), pulls the cat’s tail and hides  her carrots by spitting them out when I’m not looking and shoving them under her leg with lightening speed! And she’s done all of this within the last week! Feel sorry for me! :)

She also now has a habit of feeding me things she finds on the floor. I played along at  first when she spilled her Cheerios so she could  pick them up one at a time and feed them to me. I figured it was good physical therapy.  Mmmm, fuzz-covered  Cheerios,  Mommy’s favorite!  But soon she started to feed me blocks, mail and even pieces of cat food she found in the kitchen. Groan!

Oh and that little monkey likes my purse! She’s dumped out all of it’s  contents more than once! I don’t leave it out for her; she just finds it!!!

Oh but she gets even busier!

She loves to play with my cell phone because it lights up, but  the buttons  are too hard  for her to push, or so I thought. So the other day she sat down and worked at them until  they made the noises she wanted. Then she called Charley at work! He was  number  one on my  contact list for easy dialing. She also started to change my ring tone before I snatched it back! :)

I also solved the mystery of the mysterious flash! Laelia had grabbed my camera off the low coffee table, turn it on and then took a blurry picture of her foot. Ha!  


Baby’s first picture. Awwww. :)

Takes after mommy. :)

Monday, March 23rd, 2009



Takes after daddy. :)

Monday, March 23rd, 2009



AdumaBerry Wedding

Thursday, March 19th, 2009


Laelia enjoyed the view a lot! She would push Charley’s chin out of the way to see. :)


Then she slept through  terminal changes, baggage claim and rental car pick up.


This was her side of the hotel. Isn’t that cool?! She had a changing table and crib (provided by Jessica) too!


Colorado + March + Outdoor Wedding = Baby’s first coat!

Laelia also threw blocks at people during the reception, and instantly had several slaves… I mean “volunteers” retrieving them for her. :)


Rehearsal dinner fun with Erin. :)

They played a photomontage set to music during the rehearsal dinner  and Laelia sang and danced along.  Here she is singing the line “500 more” to the camera. :)


Laelia’s 99-year-old friend. She kept kissing Laelia’s head and saying, “Nom nom nom I eat you up!”


Laelia under the table at the wedding reception.


Laelia a couple hours later under the same table.


Tired baby is ready to see the bride and groom off.


Coolest get-a-way car ever!


The End. :)





Peek-A-Boo in the kitchen

Thursday, March 19th, 2009

She does this while I’m making dinner. I love how she says her name. It’s like, “Here I am! It’s me, Laelia!” :) She announces her presence quite often this way. :)

Laelia’s new higher reach!

Monday, March 9th, 2009

Until they finish making the robot arms  you can move with your thoughts, this will have to do. :)

My invention, patent totally pending. ;)

Monday, March 9th, 2009



How to make: Cut a plastic hanger  to correct length then  duct tape  a Velcro strap (or modified thumb splint as seen above) to hanger at a slight angle. Tie to screaming child’s wrist until she calms down  enough to  learn to use it. Enjoy! :)

I took a couple quick videos while Chelsea was over. This is the first time  Laelia had ever worn these and look how good she does!

Laelia is able to play with toys at eye level!

Laelia can pick up a toy and then bring it to eye level!  

Ideally I am hoping she can use her shoulders to plant the sticks in the carpet then lean back a little to bring her hands up! (It doesn’t really work  on hardwood floors since it slides around…  but maybe if I add puddy to the ends…)   She  definitely shows the potential to plant and lift in the second video. Although she had only been wearing them for a couple of minutes, she still figured it out pretty quick. She could even maybe feed herself using these!

I  got this idea at  the Fellowship of San Diego  on Sunday. Charley and I were  on nursery duty hanging out with the toys and toddlers. We  left Laelia  playing by herself with a  long plastic toy filled with  beads while we wrestled the other kids.. I mean, “lovingly cared for them.” ;)  And since  Laelia is not generally  one of our adorable troublemakers, we ignored her for the most part.  So it was a suprise to glance over a  little while later and  see her holding  her toy upright!  With her  hand  at eye level!  Then just when I was about to beat myself up over not bringing my camera, David  Powell pulled out  his cell phone and took this.  


Let’s just mention that before stretch therapy she was not able to lift her arm that high in the first place! And without biceps, this is not something I imagined she could do! But it all makes sense. She used her leg to anchor the bottom and then just reached out and used her body to bring  the toy  upright. Then she watched in awe as all the little beads swirled around to the bottom.  My child the genius! :-D

So I ran around the house when we got home looking for other long toys. Then I thought of the Muppets and how Kermit’s arms  were held up by stiff wires. Then I thought, What if I can get some sticks or something so she can use the same motion with the toy to get her arms up in the air anytime she wants, but use something as thin as wire so it doesn’t get in the way! I thought of using drum sticks, but they were too heavy. We planned to go to Michael’s (you know the craft store) but they were closed early on Sunday. I actually got kinda panicked about it, like if I didn’t make this thing in my head RIGHT NOW it would disappear forever.  Then I actually prayed that God would help me. The very  next cabinet I opened a hanger fell out! It was the perfect weight and length and everything! I don’t know when I had shoved a hanger in that cabinet, but it fell into my hands right after I asked for it!

So even if she doesn’t master these contraptions, it was still a cool idea. And it’s nice to feel like God cares about the little things. And it’s exciting to see her hands up in front of her eyes!

So now what to call them. Arthrogryposis Helpers? Amyoplasia Applications? Biceps Shmiceps? Um, Kermit Arms? :) Laelia Limb Lifters? I could go on, but I’ll spare you all. :)

A story set to peas

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009


Ooh! Yummy! What’s this?


Peas?!!! Oh my stomach! Gag! Yucky peas!


No, no I won’t! I’m dying DYING!!!


Ut oh, Mommy’s turn. I guess I’d better eat ‘em.

:( Bleck! :(

New sitter!

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009


Laelia has a new sitter! Her name is Farhia! I took my friend,  Kiersten’s,  advice and started emailing teachers/professors in the San Diego Community College District who were actively  teaching a special needs class as part of  a child development program. I  asked them to pass out my ad for a sitter  to  any interested students.  Farhia happened to be in such a class and got my ad. Laelia has  “great-reference-letter-for-future-nursing-program-students” written all over   her. :) We’re thrilled to have Farhia and she is great with Lali!

I started back to work full time  on February 24th, which was Farhia’s first day. I get up at 4:30am now so I can be home when Laelia is waking up from her nap.  Before this I worked five  hours a day and got home in time to put Laelia down for her nap. So  instead of  getting home  before her nap and then watching her sleep, I get home after her nap when she’s waking up. So  really no  mommy-baby time is lost with the new schedule… only mommy-sleep time. :)  Needless to say  it’s  kinda crazy right now. I get a  little kooky after about 8pm (as my church small group and book club can attest). :)  And for the first few days of my new schedule it felt like my head was mush. The other day  I was starring at this spot on the carpet for I don’t know how long. All I know is that when I placed my baby on the couch my purse was behind her up high, and when I looked up from my spot on the carpet she had it in her lap and had  emptied the whole thing. :)

Another benefit of having Farhia is that  Laelia is learning Somali (or Somalian?), which is a step up from the language she speaks now–lion. (Yeah you heard me right–lion. Not English. Lion. :))

In the time it took to write this blog, my darling daughter has smashed an entire banana into the carpet. Oh joy.  When’s bedtime? :)