New sitter!


Laelia has a new sitter! Her name is Farhia! I took my friend,  Kiersten’s,  advice and started emailing teachers/professors in the San Diego Community College District who were actively  teaching a special needs class as part of  a child development program. I  asked them to pass out my ad for a sitter  to  any interested students.  Farhia happened to be in such a class and got my ad. Laelia has  “great-reference-letter-for-future-nursing-program-students” written all over   her. :) We’re thrilled to have Farhia and she is great with Lali!

I started back to work full time  on February 24th, which was Farhia’s first day. I get up at 4:30am now so I can be home when Laelia is waking up from her nap.  Before this I worked five  hours a day and got home in time to put Laelia down for her nap. So  instead of  getting home  before her nap and then watching her sleep, I get home after her nap when she’s waking up. So  really no  mommy-baby time is lost with the new schedule… only mommy-sleep time. :)  Needless to say  it’s  kinda crazy right now. I get a  little kooky after about 8pm (as my church small group and book club can attest). :)  And for the first few days of my new schedule it felt like my head was mush. The other day  I was starring at this spot on the carpet for I don’t know how long. All I know is that when I placed my baby on the couch my purse was behind her up high, and when I looked up from my spot on the carpet she had it in her lap and had  emptied the whole thing. :)

Another benefit of having Farhia is that  Laelia is learning Somali (or Somalian?), which is a step up from the language she speaks now–lion. (Yeah you heard me right–lion. Not English. Lion. :))

In the time it took to write this blog, my darling daughter has smashed an entire banana into the carpet. Oh joy.  When’s bedtime? :)

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  1. melissa Rowe says:

    Does she go to Mesa? She looks familiar. I didn’t even think of the Child Development student route…I took Child Development a couple semesters ago and knew of plenty of great students looking for an opportunity like this. I also had an amazing teacher who would probably be happy to refer people. I just didn’t think about! But I’m glad you got a sitter all worked out, that must be a load off. :)

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