Busy girl gets into everything!


Yay the computer!


Almost forgot the mouse. Move over Daddy!


Click click click type type type! :) (Click here for the video.)

Busy hands. Busy fingers. Busy baby! So I have a busy little baby who is into EVERYTHING! I thought she was disabled! Who lied to me?!! :) For one thing I can no longer put things out of reach unless they are SEVERAL feet away. She gets into my purse, steals my keys (without me noticing!), knocks over the cat water dish (okay just the one time), pulls the cat’s tail and hides  her carrots by spitting them out when I’m not looking and shoving them under her leg with lightening speed! And she’s done all of this within the last week! Feel sorry for me! :)

She also now has a habit of feeding me things she finds on the floor. I played along at  first when she spilled her Cheerios so she could  pick them up one at a time and feed them to me. I figured it was good physical therapy.  Mmmm, fuzz-covered  Cheerios,  Mommy’s favorite!  But soon she started to feed me blocks, mail and even pieces of cat food she found in the kitchen. Groan!

Oh and that little monkey likes my purse! She’s dumped out all of it’s  contents more than once! I don’t leave it out for her; she just finds it!!!

Oh but she gets even busier!

She loves to play with my cell phone because it lights up, but  the buttons  are too hard  for her to push, or so I thought. So the other day she sat down and worked at them until  they made the noises she wanted. Then she called Charley at work! He was  number  one on my  contact list for easy dialing. She also started to change my ring tone before I snatched it back! :)

I also solved the mystery of the mysterious flash! Laelia had grabbed my camera off the low coffee table, turn it on and then took a blurry picture of her foot. Ha!  


Baby’s first picture. Awwww. :)

3 Responses to “Busy girl gets into everything!”

  1. thainamu says:

    You guys are doing such a great job with Laelia! What a smart little girl!

  2. Kristin says:

    Alexis and Charlie….wow. It makes you want to go back to those docs who said she would never do this and kinda RUB IT IN!! How lucky Laelia is to have such amazing parents!

  3. The Other Linda R says:

    How adorable!!! I don’t feel sorry for you in the least. What a triumph of human spirit and faith over human pessimism and lack of vision!

    I can hardly wait to see what Lali has in store for you in the coming years. I’m betting on her continued determination to make the world her own. What a blessing to have parents who are equally determined to see that she has the chance to do so.

    Many hugs, and thanks for the series of day brighteners. I thought I’d die laughing at Charley rolling Lali out of the blanket. :) lr

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