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Suspect Parenting

Sunday, March 1st, 2009


We’ve all seen it–the spoiled kid in the grocery store or the lazy parents who didn’t think to bring diapers to an outing. In any household there are certain things  kids get away with. In some households this includes murder. In others, like ours, it’s the little things that you think better on later.  This brings us to  our blog entitled, Suspect Parenting.

Suspect parenting can include anything from letting your poor socially awkward child wear home-made orthopedic pants as opposed the the nice $40 variety…


…to letting her hang out with this guy.


Yes, suspect parenting comes in all kinds. Here are some examples caught on tape. (Click on the links below to view the incriminating material.)

Teaching the baby to smack her head against things.

Making baby dizzy.

Hiding baby under a blanket.

Feeding baby sugar just to make OT/feeding herself  easier.

Letting  baby play with the cat with a fork.

Just shameful. If you suspect any type of parenting that makes you lift a brow. You can report it to our hotline: 1-800-555-YOUOBVIOUSLYDONTHAVEKIDSOFYOUROWN-1234. :)