Mishaps happen

So as many of you know, Lali bit her tongue a couple weeks ago with those new baby nippers. (By the way, I love her toothy grin! It’s just as cute as her toothless newborn grin was.)



Anyway, so it left a mark on her tongue that bugged me to no end. So after consulting with her pediatrician we decided to plug it so as not to cause her trouble eating or drinking her milk. A little clear plastic plug was inserted right into the hole (which was more of an indent than a hole).

When they were placing the plug, the nurse noticed that she could get the plug all the way through.  (Sure after poking around like that!)  This caused them to decide not to use that specific plug and instead use a longer plug to go all the way through the tissue. This will keep food particles  and bacteria out of the hole.

So even though it’s off center, our baby how has a tongue piercing! I went to the mall and picked up a little plug that was silver instead of the  functional-but-ugly  clear one and it works great! Plus now it looks like baby’s a punk star or something. :)



Since Lali already has earrings and now a tongue piercing, I finally convinced Charley to let me pierce her nose. It is a cultural tradition on my mom’s side of the family (not recently, but historically). I’m really excited about it. So far I haven’t been able to find someone who will do it, so maybe I’ll try it myself. I’m reading up on the Internet about it.

It’s about time  people shed  their delicate American sensibilities when it comes to cultural traditions! I may even do Lali’s left eyebrow as a sign of peace between all nations.

Or maybe the eyebrow would be foolish. Hmmm… this April there are a lot of fools piercing their kids’ eyebrows. Don’t want to come across too trendy. :)

4 Responses to “Mishaps happen”

  1. thainamu says:

    This sounds well thought out enough to almost be plausible. But considering the date of publication, I’ll go with NOT.

  2. Baggins says:

    Wow. Well done. Very well done.

  3. admin says:

    :) Yes, you guessed it. It’s an April Fools prank. :)

  4. melissa Rowe says:

    haha, I wish I read this on April 1st. I really wonder if I’d have bought it…

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