Tongue inspection!


Tongue inspection! Open wide! See! No piercings!

We had a great April Fools day  today! Lots of pranks! I know a few of my coworkers  will probably never trust another textbook order they get from me  on April 1st ever again. :) My  car took the brunt of the revenge. All in all a great day!

So Laelia never bit her tongue and has no tongue ring! I promise! :) Can’t actually pierce the kid’s tongue–then she wouldn’t have something to impulsively do in a moment of  teenage angst. :)    Although I did  forshadow  this tongue piercing gag last year.   Ah last year… let’s reminisce!

Here is a link to last year’s gag: APRIL FOOLS!    (I especially like the picture of Lali looking all confused.)

(Keep in mind that I added the “Happy April Fools Day!” to the bottom *after* the blog post went out to everyone. So that does not appear in the original.)  

And here is  the link to  the reveal last year: JUST KIDDING!  (Oh I loved that dress!)

Then of course here is  the link to  my apology last year:  SORRY!     :) Hehe, oops! :)

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