Laelia fed herself today!


Laelia’s petting skills came in handy today.

Laelia fed herself! All by herself! For the very first time ever today! I didn’t have to force her hand into a certain position or help her in any way!  She used her petting skill–the jerking her more flexible right hand over her head by her shoulder then relaxing her tricep to bend the elbow. She’s amazing!

It happened at OT (occupational therapy). Today was just a great therapy day in general. We had two not so great PT (physical therapy) appointments in a row so we were due a better visit  from the child  development people.

Anyway, first we got  Lali’s splints adjusted so they fit better. I like them a lot. Also we found out we had overpaid a few copays this past year and got a $45 check back.  Woohoo!  Thank you very much. Then we got to meet another baby with arthrogryposis and show his mom and grandma  that it would be okay. Lali showed off for him by  picking up blocks and using the orthopedic gear like a pro. At one point the OT was talking about elbow ROM (range of motion) and showed how,  with daily stretches and continued therapy, he would be able to  do  this (then she demonstrated Laelia’s elbow ROM). It was fun to be the  show and tell. :)  Laelia is happy to be the center of attention and get all the praise any day. :)  

Then we continued to work on self feeding with Laelia. (I like this part  because I always get to demonstrate eating the snacks. :)) This is a goal we’ve had for a while now.  Laelia turned a year and a half old just  four days ago and I was starting to think that without  biceps (which she’s missing entirely)  or more flexible elbows (because of her joint contractures)  feeding herself  was a long way off. (Oh and did I mention  her inverted shoulders and weak grip that makes even getting the snack facing the right direction and staying in her hand  a challenge?!!) Well we got some pretzels  and she came  really close! We were amazed! But her elbow was too stiff to get any closer to her mouth.  Then eventually she  worked her pretzel  even closer. And that got us excited so we shouted “Yay!!” which made her tricep fire up  and zoom that arm shot away from her mouth. Wrong way!   But eventually, though,  she did  manage to  bite off the tiniest bit of the end of her pretzel!  

That happened just today!  For the first time ever she fed herself by herself! (Of course there have been times when we have sat  her up at a table and put something in her hand which she ate, but this was different because she did it  all by herself!)

So I called Charley right then and there  to tell him. (I was pretty excited.)  Then he went straight to the store  and picked up some long pretzels (longer than we had at OT)  so by the time I got home, there they were! Then we  put her on her back and turned on the camera. She didn’t disappoint! Here are the  three videos:

Here’s a cute one of her trying to feed herself the first time we put it in her hand. :) She doesn’t quite make it, but it’s so adorable!

Laelia feeding herself!

Laelia continues to feed herself and then scoots over to share with me. :)

8 Responses to “Laelia fed herself today!”

  1. Kiersten says:

    I LOVE IT!!!!! I never thought to give Ry something while he was lying down…only while in the high chair, which has not been successful (well, just once and I’m thinking it was a fluke!)
    We are very proud of that girl! Truly amazing!

  2. Jessica says:

    Yea Big Girl!!! I miss the Lali!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Laelia is the most determined young lady I’ve ever seen! Awesome!! She’ll show those doctors! This is SO exciting.

  4. Robin Clark says:

    Yea for Laelia! I’ve never seen such determination and skill! This is SO exciting!

  5. melissa Rowe says:

    cool! hehe, the last video the 2nd time you say “I don’t want any”, it sounds like she says “pretzel is good”

  6. thainamu says:

    Yay for Laelia!

    I had to laugh when I first saw only the post’s title then opened up the post and saw the photo–I wondered if she was having kitty for lunch!

  7. Charles Wesley says:

    Speaking as an impartial observer, I simply must admit that my daughter is the greatest.

  8. Lauren B says:


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