Laelia’s Easter at the Fehrenbachs!


Laelia had a great time at the Fehrenbachs! They have become like second grandparents (or aunt and uncle–they’re still young :)) to her.

Before you click on the picture above to see the rest of the pictures, let me give you a brief summary of the day.  When we arrived there was an Easter basket waiting for Laelia that was as big as  she is! :) It was  filled with bubbles and toys! Then Laelia took her basket on an Easter egg hunt with the other kids. They hid Easter eggs up high just for Laelia to find. Charley carried her around, Chelsea followed close behind with the Easter basket as I took a ton of pictures. Then there was a ball pit for Laelia to play in. Then Laelia rolled across the Fehrenbachs’  living room floor–being the farthest distance she has ever rolled! Then she played pretty hard for a while. She had a blast! And us parents had fun too. All in all a great day! Lali partied so hard, in fact,  that she fell asleep as soon as her tush  hit the car seat for the long drive home. :)

Hoppy Easter! Enjoy the following links of Easter videos. :)

Laelia picks up an Easter egg and puts it in her basket herself.

Laelia shares her Easter eggs.

Laelia in the ball pit.  

Laelia and Adam and the ball pit. :)

3 Responses to “Laelia’s Easter at the Fehrenbachs!”

  1. Amy says:

    She is a charmer!

  2. Robin Clark says:

    The cutest little Easter bunny ever!

  3. Lauren B says:

    I agree with Robin!!!!

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