Laelia: Adorable, Rambunctious & Independent

I love the title of this blog because this defines my daughter so well!


Laelia getting stretched and flirting with the camera. :)

I wanted to share a quick thought before I ran Laelia out to  the store.  I guess I just wanted to try  and express how wonderful life is with this little girl! Around this time last year I was finally starting to get over the debilitating grief and guilt that I think naturally comes with having a disabled child. It just happened to stick with me longer than  stronger parents.  Now it’s amazing how I don’t have any traces of that grief or guilt on a daily basis! There was a time I never thought this would be the case. I saw other families tell me how life with their special child(ren) was normal for them, but I secretly didn’t believe them! But life is normal! It’s fine. And it’s rare that I think of her as “disabled.” In fact now that she can feed herself and drinks by herself, it’s even more normal.

Today for the first time ever she fed herself from a sippy cup (see previous post). We bought the Mother’s Third Arm (months ago from overseas) at the suggestion of the AMC support group’s website and  I just got it in the mail today. I hooked it up to her highchair and watched her little mouth get all excited as  her lips struggled to get ahold of  the magically floating sippy cup. :)  Then she would get distracted by birds outside,  then go back for a drink, then stop drinking to tell me something,  then drink again,  then yell at the cat before  sticking her little face right back on the sippy cup! It was pure fun for me to witness!

Six days ago  she fed herself a snack for the first time.  I just can’t express how happy  and excited I am at the prospect of her being independent in one more way! In OT we’re working on feeding herself more things in more ways! After that we’ll work on mobility! (She’s already rolled across the Fehrenbach’s living room!) I can’t wait!

Here are three videos that show off her adorable, rambunctious and independent ways. :)

Adorable: Laelia listening to the new Josh Damigo single.

Rambunctious: Laelia and her duckie.

Independence: Laelia and Mommy’s  cell phone. (Note her cry when I take it away. Little booger! :))

Isn’t she precious?! :) I’m not gonna lie and say I never get  sad when I find out there’s something she can’t do. Or that I didn’t get  down  when the Regional Center stopped by on Wednesday to do their assessment and we took “standing” off her goals list. And I fall into the same trap many parents do when they compare their kids to other kids. But besides those moments in life when we remember what we face, there’s a normal daily life we get to live that is a gift, a blessing. On a daily basis we just simply enjoy her.  Even stretches!–those awful therapy sessions when she cries–are becoming just a normal part of life. Just like shots or sickness or any other not-so-fun  thing is a  part of a child’s  life.

I really wouldn’t be here, at this place emotionally,  without my wonderful church, friends, family and those strangers who email me all the time! Haha! There’s a few people I consider friends and I’ve never met them in person! It’s amazing!  Then there’s Chelsea, Farhia and Lauren doing stretches that’s made  a huge  difference for us. And then there’s the  wonderful Respite program  through the YMCA (i.e.  so many hours a month of free babysitting for special kids)  which  has been  one of the best  things  to ever happen to this family of three! We have a great support system!  So THANK YOU!

Okay going to the store now. :)

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  1. Amy says:

    I have followed this journey of yours from day one…I’ve cried with you, I’ve laughed with you, I’ve been angry with you and I have rejoiced with you…More than that, I have come to love your sweet daughter. I look foreword to watching her grow up through the words of her amazing mom.

  2. Lauren B says:

    This is a great post! Thanks for always being so transparent! You guys are a blessing.

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