Mother’s Third Arm






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  1. Linda R says:

    Each time you find a new gizmo that helps Lali toward greater independence, I cannot help but wonder what amazing inventions will help to make her life as rich and full as possible. Computer R&D is making huge strides that may one day be harnessed for Lalia’s benefit. Most of all, though, it’s what you and Charley are doing that will make the most difference in her life. She knows she’s the “bestest baby” and THAT gives her the courage to keep reaching for the next thing she shouldn’t be able to do. :) Love and hugs.

  2. Joann S says:

    As I watch your daughter grow and mature, I see the power of God at work, His glory, His Gift, His delight, “your daughter”: the “apple of His eye” whom He loves, protects, and provides everything she needs in Christ Jesus. I also see 2 parents who “delight in the Lord, and He gives you the desires of your heart”–A daughter who will be able to do all things through Him who strengthens Him. Both of you demonstrate God’s love (agape) for God’s beloved treasure to you…Laelia. Yes, she is the “bestest” baby, formed by the Greatest God!

    Love & HUGS (his unconditional grace and strength 4 U)

  3. melissa Rowe says:

    I kind of want one of those…. :) She is learning so much, it’s great

  4. Wendy says:

    We have looked for one of those EVERYWHERE. I thought they weren’t being made anymore. Where did you find one? My son PJ is 5 with AMC but could still use one of those…

  5. admin says:

    The company is based out of the country, but they can speak/write English. Took months to get, but mine was on back order at the time.

  6. David says:

    Actually, the company has always been located in US, we just took product off line due to not being able to keep up with demand because of manufacturing costs. We decided to do manufacturing ourselves, conducted multiple consumer use surveys for R&D purposes, and produced an updated advanced version.

    We support you and your daughter.

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