Shark-Infested Waters


da na. da na. da-na-da-na-da-na…

This is little Laelia’s leg. The arthrogryposis in her hips doesn’t allow her to bring her  legs/knees together (although they can be manipulated that way; it’s one of her stretches),  and it causes one leg  to  always  stick up in the air when  she’s on her side. It’s a strange sight–now that she’s more mobile–to see this little leg hopping slowly across the carpet. Or at least that’s my view from the couch looking over  our long  coffee table. It looks just like a little fin peeking out of the water. Or a little telescope out of a submarine, betraying something larger below the surface. Then sure enough she pops out the other side, or rolls towards the television, and I see that the little leg-fin has a Laelia attached to it! :)


Yay mobility!

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