Saturday’s 5K and Olive Garden


Cystic Fibrosis Foundation’s Great Strides 5K

I almost forgot to post my CF walk pictures. Here’s one of us (minus me) posing like champs.


This is when I put too much sunscreen in Laelia’s hair so Chelsea spiked it! :)


Starting Line!

We were on the team   Emma’s Angels, and I got to meet Emma and her mom, Kristen,  and her sister and dad and a bunch of other relatives for the first time. We  also met a lot of their  friends from church and the community, and realized we were not the only people on the team  with a child with a disability.  A teammate spotted our AFOs and immediately struck up a conversation about her own daughter’s AFOs. It’s amazing the  instant connection in those situations.  

Later we went to Olive Garden to celebrate (and to gain back some of those lost calories.) :) It was amazing! Laelia was treated like a total celebrity! It was the craziest visit ever!

It’s an odd misnomer that babies who don’t move are “good,” whereas babies who squirm are somehow rowdy. We were certainly not the only baby there (in fact at one point we were sitting right next to another baby Lali’s age!), but we were without question the most adored. Three (three!) hostesses played with Lali (ignoring other babies), one waitress came to talk to  Lali after we were  seated even though we weren’t her table, and the mom at the table across from us with her son commented on how lovely our daughter was. Then a table of women came up to us after they were done eating and shyly said, “Excuse me, sorry to interrupt, but we were watching your little one all through dinner and think she is the best baby we have ever seen.” Then  one of the ladies  got down to Lali’s eye level, put a hand on her shoulder and told her  how good she was. Then they all politely walked away as Lali leaned over as far as possible in her highchair  to watch her adoring fans leave.


It was so weird that every stranger was so in love with our daughter! It was such an interesting experience  that I snapped a quick photo of Lali in her highchair to remember the night. I caught her a little off guard. (Ya think! Look at that spaghetti face! Ha!)

Charley and I were hoping to go to dinner and talk (since Friday was so hard), but instead we felt like the Obamas’ out with Sasha and Malia.

And in case you’re curious, I didn’t tell one soul about her arthrogryposis. If they want to praise her for being so still and well-behaved then by all means let ‘em! :)


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  1. Kiersten says:

    Alexis – it is a bit of a phenomenon, people who say how “well-behaved” these kids are…..we had EVERYONE in Disneyworld tell us how wonderful Ryan was being, especially during dinner…..and, like you, I just took it in, laughing inside. But, they ARE great kids, aren’t they??!! And adorable and smart and all that good stuff. Thanks for the smile today…now I need to go check out Lali’s new tricks….

  2. Glenda Williams says:

    Hi, I just was doin some more research on arthrogryposis and stumbled onto your blogs. My son was born with arthrogryposis. He will be fourteen next month. He is my pride and joy. I know how you feel as a mother. I cried myself to sleep every night before he started kindergarden, so scared of the cruel words spoken from grade schoolers. And now at the age of 13, i still pray every morning as he is getting on the school bus that God puts up a hedge around my baby that no hurtful words can penetrate. God has been my comfort and peace and I am so grateful to him. I’ve got alot to share if you ever need to talk to someone who understands. My boy can do anything he wants to do! He even played basketball in the 5th grade and scored two points!!! God is Good!!! Your friend. Glenda Williams. Rose Hill, Va.

  3. Laelia Sky » Blog Archive » Please help! says:

    [...] a friend of mine, Kristin, who has a daughter with CF. We did a walk for CF with this family that I blogged about a while ago. Kristin was there for us when Lali was first diagnosed. And just the other day she [...]

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