My Camera *sniff*


Okay it’s been a week without my camera and I’m going crazy! Thankfully Brenda let me use her camera to take this picture of Lali in her little beach-goer outfit. Yay! We went to Coronado for Memorial Day with the Powells and company. Laelia was  begging me to take cute pictures of her all day, but I had to explain that Mommy doesn’t have a camera anymore. It’s been very hard on her as you can imagine. *wink* ;)

I’ve checked my entire apartment (which is part of the reason it’s so clean now) for my camera. I checked my car, the grocery store, the gym, etc. We even  moved the couches. We’ve looked  EVERYWHERE! And we all remember it sitting on the coffee table before it disappeared. That night  we left the window unlocked, but why would a crook go for a camera when a computer and an X Box are sitting right there?! I don’t know. But I miss it terribly. I’m going through fierce  picture-taking withdrawals. I even caught myself holding up a pack of cards to my eye when Lali stole a box of tissues off the coffee table and started throwing them around. It didn’t want to take pictures for me. :(

But I guess life will go on…

I guess. :(

I just hope I find it soon!!!


PS: I think I’ll post this blog under the category, “coping.” Since this is a post-camera apocalypse. :)

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  1. thainamu says:

    I lost my camera recently too. But then I found it in my purse in the little phone pocket place. I’m losing my mind.

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