Favorite June Pictures

Here are my favorite pictures from June.


Pokeylope refused to get off the changing table.


Lali is giving her bear stretches! (I  heard about a study where kids who are spanked at home will spank their stuffed animals… hmmm… in this household we stretch our stuffies. Poor bear!  :))

(Note: Stretches are the official thearpy for arthrogryposis.)


Attempt at feeding herself rice.


Laelia can now stack five blocks while on her side!


On the plane back  from visiting Dad/Grandpa for Father’s Day.

(PS: Grandma Christina, I want those pictures from  Father’s Day! Especially the ones with Uncle Panzer!)


Bath time.


Adam and Pokey.


She was playing peek-a-boo by putting her head down and then popping back up again.

2 Responses to “Favorite June Pictures”

  1. Lauren Burke says:

    OH! What precious photos!!! I especially love the bear stretches one and the towel one <3

  2. Lauren Burke says:

    so precious! I especially like the bear stretches one and the towel one :0)

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