Comic Con 2009


Baby’s First Trolley Ride


Baby’s having a great time!


Look at that excited face!


“Kitty!” Lali exclaimed.  “Almost makes me want a litter… almost.” Cat woman replies.


Alexis and Lali thought the storm trooper was great!

Storm trooper was bored. :)


Going home again.


Getting tickled by daddy.



tickle tickle tickle



The End.


PS: Oh, just to prove it was Comic Con. Here’s something you only see there:


A three-piece  suit-wearing Boba Fett asking Captain Jack Sparrow for a couple pieces o’ eight for the trolley fare.


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  1. Lauren B says:


  2. Keelan Parham says:

    Alright, I was already going to write you ( but couldn’t find an email link on your blog) about the faith healer thread, but then when I saw you all attended Comic Con, I HAD to write! LOL

    My name is Keelan Parham, and I’m a professional cartoonist ( I was supposed to go to Comic-con this year, but didn’t at the last minute). My daughter, Brady Ann, is almost eleven and was diagnosed with AMC when she was born. I’d love to talk with you guys a bit about her therapies, her surgeries, and what we’ve seen God do in her life.

    And, oh yeah…. I just came back from a mission trip to Baja with Brady Ann and my wife. God used me to lay hands on a man with a withered hand, and he was instantly healed. Also, I and several other team members laid hands on a man who could barely walk and had to be helped into the church we built. He left his cane with one of the team as a souvenir… God instantly healed him. So, the faith healer thread obviously caught my attention.

    We’ve seen God do lots in Brady’s life so far, but her healing has yet to completely manifest. Yet. HE is faithful to finish what HE began. We always say she’s come as far as she has through several surgeries, tons of therapy, and unceasing prayer. God has used all of them to bring healing into her life. She is a continuing, ever unfolding miracle. I’m sure you can relate.

    Email me if you’d like.

    God Bless !


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