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This is how old Laelia was after her first two tendon releases when we first learned that she  was indeed looking forward to a more major surgery someday.

Day 4, or 3? Or whatever.

It’s only been a few days since I got scary surgery  news, and, thanks to my family and friends, I’m feeling so much more hopeful now! I had so many emails and phone calls and texts from  a rag-tag group of wonderful people  who have  really  made this so much easier! Chelsea is back from touring with  a band for the past week, so that’s great news for Laelia. Because *Laelia* missed her a lot. **Laelia**is really needy apparently. :) (Unlike her mom who is a rock of self reliance. :)) And then there’s  Megan, who watches Lali Mondays through Thursdays, who has been completely flexible with our crazy schedules, occasional doctors appointments, future school schedules, etc. She brings her  little Joshua (12 months)  over and Laelia loves him to pieces.  Laelia  and Joshua  share a straw cup and take turns drinking water from it. It’s so cute!  I love watching them play  peek-a-boo, or the times when he  walks all over her while she barks at him! :) Laelia can even say “Sew-a” now, but prefers to call him “Baby.” I think Joshua is doing a lot to prepare Laelia for school with other kids.

Besides my friends, I’ve  recently been contacted by other families affected by AMC who have gone through similar surgeries. I’m starting to love these wonderful strangers! :)

It also  looks like some of my family will be able to come down around Sept. 16th and go with us to the hospital. That will be helpful just to have them near to distract me while I freak out during our hospital stays. I know myself. I know I  won’t be able to breath until she wakes up, and I won’t be able to  rest  until she’s out of pain. And I know they will be a great help to me.

Right now Charley and I are  trying to work out the little things:  getting days off work, working around Laelia’s school schedule (her teacher says she can come when she’s up for it, even in her body cast), trying to get information from the surgeon’s assistant (like if  a post-op Lali will fit in a carseat–they haven’t gotten back to us yet), among other things.

If feels good to be doing something!  I hated just dealing with the news and feeling so helpless. I was fixated at one point on how bad her scars would be. I was even looking up how old  you have to be (or how young you can be with parental consent)  to get a tattoo in California. It just feels wrong to make this decision to give Laelia giant scars on her legs, feet and hips without letting her make a decision when she’s an older teen to cover them up with ink. I know that’s the age when a young girl’s self image means a lot. Of course not everyone thinks tattoos are pretty (or even good things since they are permanent and all), but   no one think scars are pretty.  Well, I know  everyone is  different, and maybe Laelia will want to show  her scars  off, or just treat them like any other part of her body, no big deal.   I hope so.  I got a lot of advice on the scar issue.  Laelia’s Grandma Christina even  told me about Mederma Kids for scars. I’m sure we’ll get some of that and try it after they heal a little.

Not that everyone  with scars have poor self images, but I think it’s different if  your scar  has an adventurous memory tied to it as opposed to being from a surgery. I also think it’s different if you’re a kid, or even a boy, but I hate that Laelia will have to have these scars as a young lady. And I think, strangely enough, that  fixating on the scars instead of the awful surgery is helping me stay sane. Sometimes I stop and  realize that the ONE sugery  Laelia’s doctor mentioned a year and a half ago, is now TWO much more involved  surgeries, and it drives me crazy.

Speaking of Laelia’s doctor, I have talked to a dad of a kid  who had hip surgery done by the same doctor when he was little. I’m told this  doctor is the best of the best. So that makes me feel better. Even though I’m not thrilled with the man, who cares about liking him?! Just  as long as he does his job expertly! I’m told I will like him after surgery is all over with, not because he’s the nicest man in the world, but because he can sometimes work a miracle! I would love to see Laelia totally straightened out and able to put her legs down, knees up. Here’s to hoping!

So I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has been so wonderful. I really appreciate it! I’m doing a lot better. No more tears for a while. :)

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  1. Baggins says:

    So glad to hear you’re feeling better, Alexis. I’ve been praying for you guys and you can bet that I’ll keep on praying throughout. I wish I didn’t live on the exact opposite side of the country from you guys, but I’m glad you have so many friends and family members nearby who are helping out.

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