Laelia has a fever of 102, and it’s been high for a long time now. We tried to call the number they gave us in case this happened and they’re closed. So, yeah, great, thanks guys. She’s covered in cold washcloths, a diaper and her cast, and ┬áthat’s it, but I can still feel the heat rolling off of her. She just had more medicine a little early too. ┬áSo now we are debating whether or not to take her to the emergency room. She seems to be in more pain now too. Weird relapse? I don’t know. We have to stay up all night with her, so we’re taking shifts. If it gets higher than 102, or doesn’t at least go down a little soon, we’ll rush her back to the hospital. I hope we don’t have to do that since moving her seems to hurt a lot.

PS: Her pain medicine is *suppose* to help with her fever, but it’s not working. (It also says not to drive a car while on this medicine. I’ll see that she doesn’t. *rolls eyes*)

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