Fever Broke

Bleh. Last night was not fun. Charley and I quickly discovered that we couldn’t take shifts when she only takes her milk from him and her medicine from me. And since she has to take calories with her medicine, we did this together all night. Charley still went to  work this morning.

Charley  kept trying to call a doctor last night, but they didn’t return  his calls even when he said  he was an insurance company or doctor’s office, and the number we were given in case this very thing happened “closed” at 4:30 PM  leaving no operator  there to help. So then I  called some numbers I was given after her first tendon releases when she was a newborn and one of those got through to a real person who got a doctor!

We got into our pajamas then back into our clothes several times last night as decisions were made to take her to the emergency room and then plans changed. (Usually in tune with the texts,  phone calls and facebook discussions happening around us.  :)) Apparently last night I had no Mommy instincts whatsoever and was just waiting for someone to tell me what to do. Usually if it were not surgery-related I would just keep her home. But after a surgery, I was too scared to do that. But  the doctor finally called us back around 10:30 PM as we were leaving for the emergency room,  and told us to stay where we were since they had sent us home with all the medication we needed to handle this apparently. And sure enough we looked in our magical bag they gave us  and saw medicine for the shakes, the  higher fever, etc.  Her temp was down to 101.5 by then and the doctor was happy about that. He says it’s not an infection unless it’s still around three days later. Of course he called us after we already had her awake and ready to go to the hospital, so she was pretty  unhappy with us. At 1:30 AM she got more medicine and was down to 101.1. Then at 5:55 AM she was down to 100 even. Her shakes  were also gone around that time too. Her throat is sore from screaming at us, but she’s looking a lot better this morning.

Tired zombie mommy is going to take a nap now.

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  1. Kiersten says:

    Glad to hear things ate getting better and the fever broke. Scary stuff. Get some rest, dear.

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