Fever Still

2:00 AM Update. Laelia’s not doing well. Her fever is down to 101.1, but she is now shaking and spasming. We gave her medicine for that specifically. Doctor is not too worried about the fever unless we can’t get it down more soon. He said she would have to have it another day or two before he would think it is infection.  Her heart rate is through the roof though. :( She’s so pitiful looking–all teary-eyed, shaky  and smelling  like burned meat. It’s hard to see her like this.

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  1. Keelan Parham says:

    I’m praying for her. I remember after my own daughter’s surgeries how scared and alone and helpless you can feel. I’ll be praying for you guys as well.

    Looking forward to hearing a good progress report soon!

    God Bless you!


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