Time for Bed

We just put Laelia down at her regular bed time. She’s doing better. We only have to wake her up for medicine one time tonight at 1:30 AM, so I’m hoping she will just go right back to bed. The heavy duty medicine is all out so we’re down to the cheaper, less  powerful stuff. It smells better at least, but it would explain why she’s more fussy without the  super meds.

Mike and Iris brought us dinner tonight saving me the trouble. Before it was a nice distraction to make dinner while other people dealt with the crying, but tonight she was doing so much better that it was a joy to have the extra time to spend with her.  She  rolled over! Is she suppose to do that with a pin in her? I have no idea! Crazy kid!

I’m dreading the next surgery, but am encouraged that it’s only been two days and she’s already laughing again. I can tell she’s in pain, but she is such a trooper.

We had a few problems with the neighbors. Before the surgery our next door neighbor got  the police called on him. He went crazy-go-nuts. Then the day before the surgery, he was back and smoking on the balcony into our apartment window (in our non-smoking complex) while Lali’s grandma who is deathly allergic to one of the chemicals in cigarettes was having an episode into a breathing mask. But am I going to go confront the police-dragged-me-away guy who was cussing at the top of his lungs the worst, vile things I’ve ever heard that woke up my baby at 2:00 AM last week? No. I want to live. The apartment manager did come to warn them that they would be sued by the owner if they kept it up.

Then we had a couple of visits from police the day of the surgery while Lali’s grandparents were here, but we were at the hospital. They came right into the apartment, looked around, said “oops,” and went next door. They were responding to a couple calls on the neighbors and didn’t have the right apartment number. They made that mistake  twice!  Can we move now? :)

Okay maybe I should go to bed now that baby is in bed. I just can’t stop doing doing doing. I only got  a few  hours of sleep. I should be crashing.

Thanks for all the emails and texts and positive energy and tons of prayers from everyone! I haven’t been able to get back to everyone, but just know it’s appreciated! We got  a couple letters in the mail that said just the right things. It’s so wonderful to have this support! There are even a few people we’ve never met who have been so wonderful! Thanks everyone!

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