Post-Op Kid Won’t Stop Goofing Around


Is it my imagination or is her right, casted leg able to move towards the center better after surgery? See how her left  leg is stuck out to the side? She always has her legs wide, unable to bring them together.  I wonder how she’ll be after the IT band on her other side is cut? She will sit like a lady yet! :) Love the goofy face. :)


The cast  starts right under where her hip surgery was and goes down to wrap around her foot. This is different than what we expected, but the doctor wants to try  it.  The split down the cast is to allow for swelling.  She will get it re-wrapped on the day of her second surgery.



See this cast? So spoil me already! :)

Laelia is doing loads better today. She has been playing and laughing and using all her strength to drag her casted leg around. She’s just a bit more fussy than usual and has no patience. But really if you didn’t know her, you wouldn’t know anything was wrong, because she’s acting just like a typical kid. Except I know how good she can be. :) Chelsea and I gave her a bath by wrapping her leg in a ziplock bag, Target bag over that, then a towel around that. Then we laid her down in the bathtub and slowly poured water on her from a pitcher while scrubbing her. Then it took her about ten minutes to get covered in squash and milk. :-/ But she’s doing so good! Kids really do bounce back fast!

Thanks again for all the prayers! There were times when we should have been distressed, but we instead  felt supernaturally calm and peaceful. Thank you!

Oh, and we got all our insurance decided on! It’s not going to change and it’s going to be less than $700 out-of-pocket  for all surgeries, visits over the next months, medications, etc!!!  (Charley says, “For the price of two iPod Touches, you got new legs kiddo!”) :)

And I’m not sick anymore! And it looks like the scary letters we’ve been receiving from Regional Center may not apply to us! (They said they were taking our Respite services away and also implied that she may get kicked out of Early Start beause of California budget cuts, but so far nothing has happened.) So things are looking up up up!

Here are some Dr. Baby pictures. You remember when  Laelia did occupational therapy  stretches on her stuffed bear? Well here’s her caring for her new kitty.


Some medicine for her stuffed kitty!


Dr. Baby checks stuffed kitty’s chest. :)  She got her own chest checked every hour or so in the hospital.  Now she checks kitty’s  vitals just to be safe. :) She’s using the base of a flag of Swaziland to do it. :)

4 Responses to “Post-Op Kid Won’t Stop Goofing Around”

  1. Robin Clark says:

    Yes, little ones can be amazingly resilient! And prayers help of course too. She’s looking great and I’m so happy for you all!

  2. Linda R says:

    Oh, and look! She’s going to be taller when the second surgery is complete. SOOOOO glad things are looking up again. :)

  3. Linda Wesley says:

    Goofy kid, turning doctor on all her stuffed animals… How much do I love that girl? An unbelievable amount.

  4. Joann S says:

    Here i am to see the delightful and cheerful Laelia first thing in the morning! She is looking great –She is more than a conqueror–i love what she did to daddy’s shoe and am amazed at how she can raise the cast above her head. i can hardly do that without a cast! Hurray for Laelia! kisses and hugs

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