Fine here you go

Can’t hold the girl back so we’re just letting her do her baby thing. :) She almost wiggled off the couch and would have fallen straight on her foot with the pin in it yesterday. (I taught her that move, but  back when she wasn’t casted.) She is kicking stuff, including kitties!   And she’s  smacking her big cast into random  things to hear the noises  it makes.   She’s pretty much a stinker.   :)   I am trying to hold her back from really hurting herself, but for most things I just let her go and do whatever.


Toes!!! (It does hurt her to swing her leg up in the air because it uses the part of her hip that had surgical work done to it. Yet the desire for toes must outweigh the pain. Silly thing!)

Diaper changes are also difficult post-surgery,  and today while changing her diaper I snagged the diaper  on the bandage over her hip on accident. All she said was a quick and quiet, “Ouch,”  and then she was back to giggling at something else. So forgiving so fast! I love her!


Sabotaging Daddy’s shoes before he leaves for work.


She steals my phone, puts it up to her ear and says, “Wello?”


Don’t let the look fool you, she’s down to two pain meds a day! She’s just not happy that she can’t play anymore and has to go to bed. Boo!

She’s doing really well. She played with Megan and Joshua today. Then  Chelsea came over to do stretches and afterwards Laelia did  stretches on her stuffed kitty. :)  Later Lauren came over (with Ryan and dinner)  and Laelia spit all sorts of food on her. So definitely back to normal behavior. :)

Her teacher called and said they have a special cart to carry her and her cast around safely so she’s heading back to school on Monday! (For one day only  before the next  surgery.) I just have to put sunscreen on her head and a plastic bag around her cast and she’s good to go! I may even take her to the Brain Cancer walk on Saturday if she’s feeling up to it! We’ll see!

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