It’s official. We’re losing our respite services because of “severe and painful” (according to a letter we received)  budget cuts in California. So far from what we know (and all information is terribly communicated) we still qualify  to send Laelia to  school.  So that’s good. We have a pretty good network of friends now so this is  not heartbreaking news, however there are many families  with disabled kids who no longer  have this support. Not that we  won’t miss it terribly, but I’m not worried about us. California has made some bad financial decisions and needs to fix the problems somehow. We were thankful for the time we got respite services; it meant so much to us.

Today I got home  and walked into a clean house.  My living room was picked up, all my stuff was  organized and stacked, my kitchen was  clean and  Laelia was bathed from the waste up!  Chelsea is my favorite friend/godmother/respite  person ever! :)

If it weren’t for a letter  Chelsea had  received letting her know when  Laelia’s respite services were over, we would never have known! Even though the Regional Center sent over a letter via courier service  that I had to sign for, it was still unclear. We read it through and couldn’t figure out if the cuts applied to us! And we aren’t dummies! They really needed to make that more clear.


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