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Saturday, October 31st, 2009


Quote of the day from the baby: “I’m doggy!” :-D

When you’re two years old, mascara and two socks equals a Halloween costume. :)

Tonight we drove around the trick or treaters.


Laelia loved to drive in her car! Click on this  picture for the video.

But then little driver baby didn’t want to get out of her car. Click on the lower  picture for the video of mommy trying unsuccessfully  to remove baby from the car. :)


When  we got home Laelia decided she wasn’t a doggy anymore, but instead was a monster!


Happy Halloween! :)

Breaking NEWS!!!

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

In the middle of me uploading zoo pictures, Laelia did something amazing that had her daddy diving for the camera! What could it be? Well it’s something she’s never done before. It’s also something we long ago  asked one of her doctors if  our baby  would  ever be able to do, and she said she  “didn’t know.” To Ms. Doctor I say, “Thubbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb.”


Laelia Picks Her Nose!!!

We’d like to thank all the sitters and school staff and family members and friends who have helped Laelia get to this point. *sniff* I mean it’s hard work to pick your nose! First you have to supinate your arm(turn  so your palm faces upwards)  which has to be done by propping your arm against something if you’re missing the muscles to supinate. Then stretch out your fingers and lastly bend your head down so your nose can reach those fingers! Whew. It’s a hard process! And she couldn’t have done it without you. (*music rising*) So thanks to all of you! Those of you who have stretched and encouraged and always believed, even though she never touched her face, that one day, yes one day, she would finally pick her nose…!

This pickin’ is for you! :)  



Wednesday, October 28th, 2009


Laelia and I went to the zoo yesterday and again this afternoon while Daddy had to work late. It was a lot of fun to see all the animals she recognized. And if you’re curious how many different kinds of animals are  at the San Diego zoo, the answer, I discovered, is three: Birds, Doggies and  Ooh Ooh Aww  Awws. :)

Birds were everywhere and  included  flamingos,  ducks,  peacocks, fish, leaves off trees, lizards, small children,  the sky lift and restaurant  awnings. :) Monkeys were called  “Ooh Ooh Aww Awws.” And we also  saw a vast array of doggies, ranging  from the dirty doggies (pigs), the big doggies (elephants), the doggies we got to pet  (goats), the little doggy (bunny), the big, white sleeping doggies (polar bears),  the doggies that played in the water (hippos), etc, etc. Any time I corrected her, she ignored me, leaned over,  looked right  at the animals and said, “Woof woof woof woof!!” It was kinda cute, and VERY stubborn. :)

One time (yesterday) we accidentally brought  our stroller into the petting area so the nice zoo keeper had to turn us right around. But when he saw  me carry in Laelia in her  casts, and realized why I wasn’t putting her down so she could run around, he quickly felt unnecessarily guilty. He told me in a quiet voice that he was sorry about the stroller and that he understood a bit of what we were going through since  his wife was in a wheelchair. [As a short aside, it is very common in my experience for someone to find out that Laelia is disabled and then say, "Oh yeah I know exactly what you're going through! My uncle's brother's cousin's best friend's nephew  has (fill in condition that has NOTHING to do with arthrogryposis and usually involves some sort of mental condition)." At least in this case it was his wife, not some distant relation, and he really did feel a camaraderie with us.]

Then the zoo keeper (nicest guy in the world)  got out a bunny from  the back area and let only Laelia pet  it. When the other children started to gather around,  he put the bunny away because the bunny “was shy.”


Doggy!!! (No, dear, that’s a bunny.) Woof woof woof woof!

Despite enjoying the special treatment, I will probably cover up her casts next time we go to the zoo. I got too many negative comments about Laelia’s “broken legs” by other parents. Not negatively directed towards me, but said amongst themselves in a disapproving tone, or explained to their curious children in the same disapproving tone. Sometimes said with the obvious intention of me overhearing! One time I realized what was said a little late  and even though they were heading in  the opposite direction from us,  and we were more than ten feet away, I called back, “She had surgery! She didn’t break anything!” Yeah embarrassing, but I felt it had to be said. :) Next time we go I’m definitely going to have to cover them with something.

But then there were plenty of nice people who were not judgemental at all. They mentioned something and I just explained that she had club feet that finally got some surgical attention (MUCH shorter answer than that she has arthrogryposis, etc.) and  that was fine. Those nice people just said she was cute, or wished us a quick recovery, or continued to wonder aloud why  my daughter  was  barking at the giraffes. :)

It was fun to see how much Laelia enjoyed the zoo now that she’s older.  She  was very wide-eyed for all the animals she could see.



And not so wide-eyed when the animals were hiding. :)


Face plant! :)

Oh and Laelia now says, “Bye bye zoo!” :)   And if you ask her what sound a donkey makes she says, “Aww Eee!” (Instead of Eee Aww.) :)


Pumpkin Time!

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

Tis the season for watching Mom carve up a pumpkin while  baby girl  throws the pumpkin guts at her. Then watch as Dad gags because he’s discovered that pumpkin guts look just  like puke. Only to finish the lovely pumpkin, put a candle inside, turn off the lights… then quickly turn back on the lights and calm down the scaredy cat child. Then show her that it’s just the pumpkin we carved up earlier,  and watch her play with it like it’s her new best friend. :)




Uncle Bolt’s Pictures

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

Here are the pictures Uncle Bolt (David) took on his phone while he was visiting. I forgot to put them up! I think Bolt brings out the ham in my daughter. :)







Very cool phone, Bolt.   No my husband can’t have one. :-P


Monday, October 26th, 2009

My daughter, the smartest baby in the world, now eats with a spoon! I’m thinking it’s not too early to enroll her in genius classes at the local kindergarten. :)

More cute randomness from my kid!

Saturday, October 24th, 2009


Super baby Flies Through the Air!


Laelia says her name!

Laelia says her age! (This was closer to her birthday.)

Laelia steals my camera on Laelia Day. (I didn’t realize it was set to record at the time so it goes on for a while.)

In conclusion, my baby is the cutest! :)

Video Game Doggie

Saturday, October 24th, 2009


Laelia LOVES doggies so we thought we’d try letting her play with a virtual one.


Daddy is helping her move him.


Laelia loves her new game!


Laelia falls asleep while playing with the video game doggie. :)

Now for the cutest  video:




Churchin’ the baby ;)

Friday, October 23rd, 2009


Laelia at Church!

Charley and I took off to Disneyland last Sunday leaving Laelia with her godparents for the whole day. They took her to church, among other places, so of course the joke became, “That bad baby needed some churchin’ so we shipped her right over!” Then the reason for us NOT being at church becomes clear. Hehe.   O:-)

Laelia is happy

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

Laelia Day yesterday just about kicked my tush! :) Laelia loved it. She wanted to play ball, but as soon as I settled into that game, she wanted me to read every single baby book we owned. After that she asked me for random things around the house by saying, “Gah!” then rewarding me with smiles for the things I guessed correctly. She hoarded them in a pile and when we ran out of things I could hand her (“Can’t have the TV, honey!”) she handed them all back to me to put away. Then she wanted to text people using my phone, but I managed to sneak around her and cancel all the messages. Then she wanted to play on the computer, then she wanted to watch KPBS, then she wanted to repeat everything I said back to me, then she wanted cookies, and it went on and on. My little one has endless energy! The only thing I put my foot down on was the diaper change. She was poopy and had to have it changed. Sorry kiddo. By the time Charley got home around 6:00 PM, I told him he had to celebrate without me while I stared at the wall. :) He told me to take a nap while he spoiled the baby. It was the sexiest thing I’d ever heard. :)

Laelia can now say, “TWO,” when you ask her how old she is.   And she can almost say, “YAYEEA,” when you ask for her name. :) Still can’t say, “Mama,” though. Stinker! :)

One time yesterday I was walking across the room and looked back to see my daughter lying on her side with her legs crossed at the knee. I started to cry. She has never been able to cross her legs before. She has crossed her feet, but never her legs. Her hips couldn’t do it before. I’ll have to get a picture of that tonight. (Laelia forbid Mommy to play with the camera on Laelia Day… only baby could play with it.)

The doctor said we could try some new hip stretches now that her hips have more range of motion, but they’ll be painful. But since he removed the connector bar from the casts to avoid future slipping, we needed to start stretching that area so the hips don’t freeze. I’ll probably start trying that tonight. (Obviously there were no stretches on Laelia Day. Chelsea came over to do them, but ended up being taken captive by Laelia Day instead. :))

Laelia was a very happy, spoiled little girl last night. Her legs are still a little sensitive to touch, and diaper changes make her cry, but she’s able to move around a lot more. She turned in a full circle a few times yesterday very slowly. She also tolerated lying on her back and on her side too.

She did fuss last night when Laelia Day was over and it was bedtime. Her Daddy knelt beside her crib and told her that she was the best baby in the whole world, and that we would take good care of her and do everything in our power to keep her out of the hospital. Then she settled and went to sleep.

She’s my good girl.