More cute randomness from my kid!


Super baby Flies Through the Air!


Laelia says her name!

Laelia says her age! (This was closer to her birthday.)

Laelia steals my camera on Laelia Day. (I didn’t realize it was set to record at the time so it goes on for a while.)

In conclusion, my baby is the cutest! :)

4 Responses to “More cute randomness from my kid!”

  1. Linda Wesley says:

    I think I’m gonna be sick…

    Meanwhile, Laelia is indeed the cutest. It’s just that her camera skills could use a little brushing up. =)

  2. Joann S says:

    Nothing like starting off my sunday with a video of Laelia…she gets cuter and cuter! looks as if she has natural curly hair–very pretty. Pastor Ed wrote a commentary using the word “bubble” which I didn’t understand but I think that is what Laelia does: “she bubbles over with life!”

    In reference to Phil 2:13 Continue to work out your salvation..” Pastor Ed wrote “bubble over salvation into all your life”

    So now I have a picture of what he meant!

  3. Kiersten says:

    simply adorable…I LOVE her little sweet voice!

  4. Lauren B says:

    yeah she is :)

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