Breaking NEWS!!!

In the middle of me uploading zoo pictures, Laelia did something amazing that had her daddy diving for the camera! What could it be? Well it’s something she’s never done before. It’s also something we long ago  asked one of her doctors if  our baby  would  ever be able to do, and she said she  “didn’t know.” To Ms. Doctor I say, “Thubbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb.”


Laelia Picks Her Nose!!!

We’d like to thank all the sitters and school staff and family members and friends who have helped Laelia get to this point. *sniff* I mean it’s hard work to pick your nose! First you have to supinate your arm(turn  so your palm faces upwards)  which has to be done by propping your arm against something if you’re missing the muscles to supinate. Then stretch out your fingers and lastly bend your head down so your nose can reach those fingers! Whew. It’s a hard process! And she couldn’t have done it without you. (*music rising*) So thanks to all of you! Those of you who have stretched and encouraged and always believed, even though she never touched her face, that one day, yes one day, she would finally pick her nose…!

This pickin’ is for you! :)  


4 Responses to “Breaking NEWS!!!”

  1. Tam says:

    wow! way to go Laelia! I knew you could do it! Sophie is missing that muscle too. so now I know there is hope for her! One day sophie can pick her nose!!

  2. Chelsea P says:

    Adam was so excited to see this :)

  3. Lauren B says:


  4. Suzanna Bell says:

    Awww This makes me happy and gives me hope for my Brigham! :)

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