“Laelia can’t watch TV,”  Charley says.

“But I have her turned around and faced away from it!”  I says.

“But she can hear it,” he says.

“I have it muted with Closed Captions,” I says.

“I think she’ll find a way to watch it anyway,” he says.

“I don’t think so,” I says.

The will of the Laelia shall not be denied! :)  Cognitively she has become more aware of her own wants and desires. Now she wants crackers for dinner every night. She will push plates away in disgust and beg for dessert. She wants to play that Wallace and Gromit  game all the time,  and lets us know that it’s time for “DOGGY (and)  GUY!” Anytime I’m anywhere near the computer I get, “Doggy guy? Doggy guy! Doggy guy!” Her sweet “please” has even become a demand. She’s my little willful one! She’s also  learned to chant “READ BOOK!” before bed, but only  when “NO NIGHT NIGHT!” isn’t working.  And that pout! Wow! Many a daddy have fallen under it’s power.

Okay maybe I’m naive enough a  parent to still think it’s all cute. (Oh it’s so cute.) But telling her “no” has become a constant. I try, “No thank you.” And I’ve even tried saying, “I know you want this, but we have to have this instead,” trying to focus on the positive or distract her with something else. But even  when it seems fruitless,  as it stands I’m still bigger than her. So ha! :)

But hearing all the “no”s have taught Lali a most useful word. Well, “most useful” until you actually do in fact want something and are incapable of voicing that want  because of your amazing new-found word!


4 Responses to ““No””

  1. Bethany says:

    Haha, evil Mommy! :)

  2. Robin Clark says:

    Oh, that video (and of course all the others) will be SO fun to view about 15 years from now!!

  3. Suzannabell says:

    That is so, so, so cute. Ahh… I miss those days.

  4. Miss Dot says:

    BAHAHAHA!!! Oh wait, wait, ask me! ASK ME!! I promise I’ll say “yes”!!

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