Thanksgiving 2009

Laelia’s Thanksgiving came with early Christmas presents! Grandpa (my dad) made her a baby wheelchair (caster cart with wheels) and a crawling helper (carpet square with wheels).


(Click on the photo above for the video.)


Check out the personalized plate!


It comes with a pole you can attach and help her along. So when the dog would sit at the door begging for a walk, so would Laelia.




She doesn’t quite have the hang of this one, but we’re still trying.

Here’s some other photos of our Thanksgiving. I didn’t get my camera out much this trip only because I was distracted by all the fun! Laelia spent lots of time with the doggy. They love each other. She’s said nothing but, “Where’s doggy?” since we got home.


Laelia got a plastic baby from the GCBC nursery that we forgot to return. I know, stealing from church, straight to hell, right? :)  Sooooooo, maybe mail it back? Maybe once she falls out of love with it? Maybe  mail the church $20 and a thank you note?


Laelia rocking and shushing her baby. (Click on the picture above for  a video.)


Laelia doing baby’s stretches.


Laelia’s “helping” the girls play cards.


Laelia “helping” Uncle Daniel with his iPhone.


And Laelia “helping” her daddy play the DS. She is yelling, “Look! Guy!”

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  1. Nicole says:

    What a great idea with the caster cart! I like Laeli’s baby, too :)

  2. Robin Clark says:

    Your dad is so clever! Those items are just awesome and will be great for Laelia.

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