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More on my smart girl and sitting up.

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

Laelia is so stinkin’ smart! She anticipates the next word in a song or story. She is learning her colors and even though it’s really hard for her, I will catch her saying, “White white white. White sock white sock…” Like she’s trying to remember the color white!

She also has such an imagination! Her duckies have to kiss every time we’re in the bath now. She has a Mama duckie and a Baby duckie who go down the “slide” (the bump in her sit-up bathtub). She made a bread stick “broom” and “beep beep” across the table at Olive Garden along the imaginary road. And she feeds her baby doll, stretches her, gives her milk,  sneaks her cookies and takes care of her every whim.

So her achievements these last months definitely outweigh any delays in gross motor skills. Sitting up by herself is not looking like it will happen this year like I’d hoped. I was holding out for  a Christmas miracle, but it didn’t happen. Lali gets sitting up practice every day now. I’ve also given her a ton of cookies as motivation… making her somewhat of a cookie monster. But she still seems so close and so far away. It’s that initial hurdle of having enough arm strength to get her far enough up to go the rest of the way that’s the issue. Well here’s for goals for next year! Oh and here’s  her progression in videos:

Laelia’s Christmas

Saturday, December 26th, 2009


Laelia’s Christmas  started out  a snuggly one.


Full of feet and toes and  lots of fun.


We found  out Daddy’s shoes weigh a ton!


Staying up late  ’till decorating was done.


Demanding our presents until we won!

Yes our Christmas was a wonderful one.



A doll for Lali was a great treat!


Seeing Poway lights was really neat!


Learning to share was an immense feat!


Roll  my ball and then repeat!


Christmas Day with loved ones, who can beat? :)




All good, smart girls should sit up, right?

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009


Lali giving Chelsea a kiss.

I just like this picture. :)

I was just marveling at my little wonder daughter last night. She is so sweet and so smart. She knows when Mama is sad and how to comfort me. (My sushi place wasn’t open.) She knows her colors. (Everything in the world is yellow, right? Oh I mean, “Lello.”) :) She is saying new words like Pokeylope (our cat), Cheerios and Kangaroo. Finally three syllables! She is also so social with both adults and other kids. Our neighbors held the gate open for us yesterday and Lali said thank you about seven times. :)

I’m comforted by her new knowledge of her world! I love my little girl!

And after all that this may seem silly, but I would love if Lali could sit up by herself before the new year. It was a goal we had for her last year, and she’s close, but she can’t do it by herself. Just not enough muscle. Well I really don’t know if she’s just missing the muscle to do it or if it’s too hard so she doesn’t want to do it or if it’s something she needs to be a little bigger to even do. Charley and I both admitted last night that we just don’t know if she’ll ever be able to do it. And we really need to adjust our goals and expectations to Laelia, not her to us. But it would allow her so much more freedom in her world if she could sit up. (By “sit up” I mean getting from lying on her back to a sitting position.) She would be able to reach things on the low table, or eat a snack without me having to carry her over to it and putting her into a sitting position. Plus my back would get a brake. So I thought I’d throw it out there as a Christmas miracle wish. It’s what we’re praying for. You’re welcome to join us! :)


Thursday, December 10th, 2009


I forgot to update everyone on the doctor’s visit. It went well. We changed up Laelia’s diet a little and haven’t had any problems with food coming back up since. She is back to the energetic, talkative little kid I’m used to. We haven’t had a single problem in days so we even sent her to school today and rescheduled our OT/PT appointments. :)

The only issue we’ve had at all is Laelia’s new lack of interest in food. She only eats a few bites of food and is losing weight. I wonder if all the throwing up made her distrustful of food. I ended up giving her six little cookies last night for dinner because that was all she would eat, and I was worried about her wasting away. Chelsea also found some lactose-free milk that is packed with calories which she has been drinking a little of.

Well in other news, Lali looked well enough to pose for a few pictures for our Christmas cards this year. The picture above is one I won’t be using, but one I thought was cute. :) It’s the only picture where the hat is not driving her to hysterics. :)

We also put up our tree. Here’s a picture of it before the cats got to it. :) She now says, “Cheeeeeeeeese!” when you take her picture. It’s so cute! :)


Merry Christmas!

Still sick

Monday, December 7th, 2009

Lali threw up again this morning (Monday). We have a doctor’s appointment for her tomorrow morning (Tuesday). Between the stomach flu that’s going around and holiday schedules for doctors, it’s not easy to get an appointment, but since she has a gain-weight order from her doctor and she hasn’t eaten really anything much in almost a week, we get to take her in. I really thought this was behind us, but her hair and bedding are once again disgusting. She’s also having diarrhea. I Just pray this doesn’t last much longer. Now she won’t be able to go to OT or PT that she really needs. She has a broken splint that has needed fixed for days that she’s going without. I hope this is over soon!

Enjoying the health!

Sunday, December 6th, 2009

I guess that last post  first thing  Saturday morning was the very last time we’d see stomach contents this year. (Knock on wood.) Maybe it was a fluke? I dunno. Anyway, the rest of the day Saturday went okay.  That  afternoon I gave  her hair the baking soda paste treatment for two hours. She loved that. Yeah. Not. :)  But at least it did the trick. No more puke. No more puke smell. I like it. Here are the pictures. I won’t give you the before shots (because I’m nice), but here are  the during and after shots. (The white stuff is baking soda paste, not puke. The puke was orange.)


Not happy.


Daddy is making fun.


All clean!

I am so very thankful for my healthy family! Charley and I have been over this stomach bug  since Friday  so to see Lali (who started before we did) take this long to get over it was hard. She was her old self again today except she’s not eating much.  She had three bites of  toast with peanut butter  for breakfast and two bites of  green beans  for a snack, milk for lunch and then three bites of  spagetti  for dinner.  That’s not counting the countless things I tried to feed her that she spit straight out. We’re not taking to her to school tomorrow to see if she’ll eat and nap like  normal. And if she looks  fine and eats fine then we’ll take her to  her PT and OT appointments which are long overdue because of Thanksgiving and also scheduled for tomorrow. In preparation for OT/PT  I did Lali’s stretches today. Boy did she not like that! She was so stiff! I bet it felt good afterwards! I did notice her hips are a lot stiffer. I’ll have to keep an eye on them.

So far today I’ve cleaned my couch, my tables,  my puke bucket, scrubbed spots all over the house, used up a can of Lysol and almost an entire box of baking soda (which takes the smell out of everything!), did the dishes, washed four loads of laundry (with soap and baking soda), changed the sheets, cleaned out the crib, picked up the living room, dusted the bedroom  and put up our stockings and  a Christmas tree! I’m feeling like super mom again! :) Charley, among a few other things,  did all the vacuuming and is folding all those four loads of clothes as we speak. I’m also hoping he’ll take out the trash. Life is good.

Thanks for all your prayers and thoughts and support! Oh and advice! I’d never had the stomach flu as a family before. Not really the bonding experience I was going for. :)

Still Sick Day Three

Saturday, December 5th, 2009


Day Three

Lali woke up in a ton of puke and diarrhea again this morning. She’s on her forth bedding set, and since we only own one, we get creative with towels for pillows, etc. I heard something that sounded like gagging this morning and I was thankful that we remembered to prop her up  last night so she didn’t drown in it since she doesn’t move much.  She’s so miserable. And because of her arthrogryposis, her flexibility is poor since we can’t stretch her. Changing her diaper was hard since her legs wouldn’t relax.

She is keeping liquids down. Mostly powerade. Except this morning, I really thought she was on the mend. Thankfully Charley and I are doing a little better so we can care for her more.

Our tub clogged with puke. Apparently she puked in the bath one too many times. So gross. My whole apartment is SO gross! When Lali is doing better we’re going to use a baking soda paste to soak everything. But please no visitors! We’re definitely on quarantine! Thanks! :)


Stomach Flu

Friday, December 4th, 2009


One sick baby puking up everything.


So her parents give her lots of love and care…


…and now  we’re  all sick. :(

Lali woke up from her Wednesday afternoon nap surrounded in puke. I put her in the bath where she puked three more times. By the time Charley got home she had puked 24 times. Around 11:00 PM I started feeling sick. By 2:00 AM I had puked 34 times. (Why I kept count I have no idea. I kept thinking a doctor would want to know this stuff.) The next afternoon Charley was puking… like twice. Punk. :) This thing hit fast and hard. We couldn’t even keep down water so we all lost weight. (Which was only a good thing for one of us: Mama!) :)

As of Friday night Lali is doing much better. She kept down two bites of banana, half a piece of toast and a bit of yogurt. Charley is eating again (his stomach stuff didn’t last as long, he  even ate some  nachos), and I am doing much better, but I’m still really nauseated and can’t really eat or stand up for very long.

This has not been fun. Wednesday night after Lali went to bed before I was even feeling the slightest bit sick I started a blog on how Charley and I were feeling  this weird sense of normalcy at dealing with a  sickness that  you can easily Google and get parental advice on. There’s not a lot of parents who can instantly come up with comforting tips for post-surgery recovery, but  lots of my friends and family  had great stomach flu advice. And it worked really well!

So we were thinking about how normal it all felt. And  how it was almost comforting to feel like we were dealing with “normal” parenting stuff. Then  karma decided that we weren’t empathetic enough apparently! :-/

And if I may vent a little: STUPID ARTHROGRYPOSIS!!! Because of Lali’s arthrogryposis  and the fact that she was really too sick to do stretches the  last few days, she can no longer reach her mouth when eating things! She’s really stiff! It’s really not fair! She was on her back and I handed her a cracker  and as best she could she couldn’t get it in her mouth without me hovering over her and pushing her arm down. (Because of the  contractures in her elbows.)  Stupid joint contractures!!! Hate them hate  them hate them! So way to go AMC, for making this one “normal” experience instantly “special.” Boo!

But all in all we’re all doing much better. No more grabbing our stomachs and wanting to die. :) And Charley’s comments on my messy  hair are becoming more bearable. :) (I had some puke in my hair for over 24 hours and didn’t notice.)

Oh and Lali learned to play Mario Brothers on the DS during this whole thing. It’s really cute. And she can say, “Baby sick,” which is heart-breaking.

We are so lucky/blessed/ecstatic that Lali is such a good little girl. She didn’t scream through this whole sickness even though it was miserable for her. She was very patient with two sick parents caring for her. She only fussed when absolutely necessary, and only cried  before puking. If she had screamed or thrown fits this whole time, it just would have been so much worse. She really is the greatest little thing. Thank you, Lord God, for my great baby girl!

Facebook Status Updates

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

So you know those people who constantly putting up Facebook status updates about their kids?   So annoying. Well, I’m one of those people. I’m probably the queen of those people actually. :) Here are some of the last status updates from the past few weeks for those of you not on Facebook. (In order of oldest to most recent.)

Alexis Wesley is listening to the bedtime battle her husband is engaged in. “NOOOOOO!!!!!!! NO NIGHT NIGHT NOOOOOO! MELMO MELMO MELMO PLEASE, WANT MELMO! NO NO NIGHT NIGHT!” (Translation: Melmo=Elmo) :) -Nov. 10

Alexis Wesley strongly recommends Larry Johnson (and Ryan too) at Johnson’s Orthopedics in San Diego! They are the best. Family owned and operated. Loves kids. Sherry is wonderful too! The. Best. -Nov. 11

Alexis Wesley Okay I’ll play. I’m thankful for: my wonderful husband, my beautiful daughter, my family we’re visiting for Thanksgiving, that my hair is fire engine red this week, that by sheer grace I stumbled upon the most wonderful friends through seemingly no effort on my part, AMC MOMS ROCK! and lastly, that one of my daughters bigger bills for orthotics was covered by the orthotist’s own family. We’re unbelievably blessed! -Nov. 12

Alexis Wesley has the bestest husband and baby girl there ever were. -Nov. 16

Alexis Wesley My cute baby girl used a caster cart fitted with wheels (mini wheelchair) at physical therapy for the first time last night! She took right to it! Couldn’t make it go on the carpet, but she was pretty good on tile. That means that maybe she might use a real wheelchair in the future instead of an electric one!!! Glee! :) -Nov. 17

Alexis Wesley Laelia is saying, “Where’s Charley?” Yeah, she sometimes calls him Charley instead of Daddy. It’s probably because I call him Charley. … Sometimes she calls him, “We’re late!” :) (He’s in Mississippi, but I don’t know how to explain that to her.) -Nov. 20

Alexis Wesley And we’re gonna have FUN FUN FUN ’till Mommy takes the scissors away… -Nov. 21

Alexis Wesley had a good time catching up at GCBC!!! And meeting new people who were awesome! I always learn a ton from Phil. Great morning! Oh and Lali got to take the baby doll home from nursery for a few days. She’s so happy and motherly with it. So cute! :) -Nov. 22

Alexis Wesley Laelia was blowing on me today while I was holding her. It’s because her daddy told her I was hot. Ha! :) -Nov. 25

Alexis Wesley Laelia’s grandpa made her a baby wheelchair (caster cart with wheels)! -Nov. 28

Alexis Wesley heard a song made up entirely of three words sung at top volume for the 20 minute drive back from Mira Mesa today. ME SEE BALL ME SEE BALL ME SEE BALL!!!!!!! -Nov. 30

Alexis Wesley So yesterday at Subway we saw these three guys who looked like they were in a gang and my baby says, “hi.” When they act all cool and ignore her she leans way over in their direction and says, “Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii!” Finally one guy breaks and gives her a smile, but she didn’t stop until they were all cooing over her. What a sight! (I really need to have a talk with that girl about who is Mommy-approved to flirt with. :)) -Nov. 30

Alexis Wesley is watching Lali wiggle her toes and laugh! (There were many times I thought she never would wiggle those things!) -Dec. 1

Alexis Wesley Lali and I watched the new, longer intro to the Simpsons last night (it came up on the computer) and Lali sees Homer and says, “Tarley!” (aka, Charley her daddy) Then “Tarley” get hit by the car and goes through the garage door at the end of the intro and Lali yelps, “Where’s Tarley?!” and gasps! Okay not winning mother of the year over here… so sad! -Dec. 2