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So you know those people who constantly putting up Facebook status updates about their kids?   So annoying. Well, I’m one of those people. I’m probably the queen of those people actually. :) Here are some of the last status updates from the past few weeks for those of you not on Facebook. (In order of oldest to most recent.)

Alexis Wesley is listening to the bedtime battle her husband is engaged in. “NOOOOOO!!!!!!! NO NIGHT NIGHT NOOOOOO! MELMO MELMO MELMO PLEASE, WANT MELMO! NO NO NIGHT NIGHT!” (Translation: Melmo=Elmo) :) -Nov. 10

Alexis Wesley strongly recommends Larry Johnson (and Ryan too) at Johnson’s Orthopedics in San Diego! They are the best. Family owned and operated. Loves kids. Sherry is wonderful too! The. Best. -Nov. 11

Alexis Wesley Okay I’ll play. I’m thankful for: my wonderful husband, my beautiful daughter, my family we’re visiting for Thanksgiving, that my hair is fire engine red this week, that by sheer grace I stumbled upon the most wonderful friends through seemingly no effort on my part, AMC MOMS ROCK! and lastly, that one of my daughters bigger bills for orthotics was covered by the orthotist’s own family. We’re unbelievably blessed! -Nov. 12

Alexis Wesley has the bestest husband and baby girl there ever were. -Nov. 16

Alexis Wesley My cute baby girl used a caster cart fitted with wheels (mini wheelchair) at physical therapy for the first time last night! She took right to it! Couldn’t make it go on the carpet, but she was pretty good on tile. That means that maybe she might use a real wheelchair in the future instead of an electric one!!! Glee! :) -Nov. 17

Alexis Wesley Laelia is saying, “Where’s Charley?” Yeah, she sometimes calls him Charley instead of Daddy. It’s probably because I call him Charley. … Sometimes she calls him, “We’re late!” :) (He’s in Mississippi, but I don’t know how to explain that to her.) -Nov. 20

Alexis Wesley And we’re gonna have FUN FUN FUN ’till Mommy takes the scissors away… -Nov. 21

Alexis Wesley had a good time catching up at GCBC!!! And meeting new people who were awesome! I always learn a ton from Phil. Great morning! Oh and Lali got to take the baby doll home from nursery for a few days. She’s so happy and motherly with it. So cute! :) -Nov. 22

Alexis Wesley Laelia was blowing on me today while I was holding her. It’s because her daddy told her I was hot. Ha! :) -Nov. 25

Alexis Wesley Laelia’s grandpa made her a baby wheelchair (caster cart with wheels)! -Nov. 28

Alexis Wesley heard a song made up entirely of three words sung at top volume for the 20 minute drive back from Mira Mesa today. ME SEE BALL ME SEE BALL ME SEE BALL!!!!!!! -Nov. 30

Alexis Wesley So yesterday at Subway we saw these three guys who looked like they were in a gang and my baby says, “hi.” When they act all cool and ignore her she leans way over in their direction and says, “Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii!” Finally one guy breaks and gives her a smile, but she didn’t stop until they were all cooing over her. What a sight! (I really need to have a talk with that girl about who is Mommy-approved to flirt with. :)) -Nov. 30

Alexis Wesley is watching Lali wiggle her toes and laugh! (There were many times I thought she never would wiggle those things!) -Dec. 1

Alexis Wesley Lali and I watched the new, longer intro to the Simpsons last night (it came up on the computer) and Lali sees Homer and says, “Tarley!” (aka, Charley her daddy) Then “Tarley” get hit by the car and goes through the garage door at the end of the intro and Lali yelps, “Where’s Tarley?!” and gasps! Okay not winning mother of the year over here… so sad! -Dec. 2


3 Responses to “Facebook Status Updates”

  1. Melissa Rowe says:

    haha. I do it too, don’t worry ;)

  2. Tam says:

    funny you should mention it, just today I posted that ben ben took his shirt off all by himself! we are proud mama’s its just what we do.

  3. Nicole says:

    HAHA! My favorite that I’d read before you posted here was the blowing on you because you were hot one but I guess I missed the gang at Subway ’cause this is my first time reading it. Way to go, Lali!

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