Stomach Flu


One sick baby puking up everything.


So her parents give her lots of love and care…


…and now  we’re  all sick. :(

Lali woke up from her Wednesday afternoon nap surrounded in puke. I put her in the bath where she puked three more times. By the time Charley got home she had puked 24 times. Around 11:00 PM I started feeling sick. By 2:00 AM I had puked 34 times. (Why I kept count I have no idea. I kept thinking a doctor would want to know this stuff.) The next afternoon Charley was puking… like twice. Punk. :) This thing hit fast and hard. We couldn’t even keep down water so we all lost weight. (Which was only a good thing for one of us: Mama!) :)

As of Friday night Lali is doing much better. She kept down two bites of banana, half a piece of toast and a bit of yogurt. Charley is eating again (his stomach stuff didn’t last as long, he  even ate some  nachos), and I am doing much better, but I’m still really nauseated and can’t really eat or stand up for very long.

This has not been fun. Wednesday night after Lali went to bed before I was even feeling the slightest bit sick I started a blog on how Charley and I were feeling  this weird sense of normalcy at dealing with a  sickness that  you can easily Google and get parental advice on. There’s not a lot of parents who can instantly come up with comforting tips for post-surgery recovery, but  lots of my friends and family  had great stomach flu advice. And it worked really well!

So we were thinking about how normal it all felt. And  how it was almost comforting to feel like we were dealing with “normal” parenting stuff. Then  karma decided that we weren’t empathetic enough apparently! :-/

And if I may vent a little: STUPID ARTHROGRYPOSIS!!! Because of Lali’s arthrogryposis  and the fact that she was really too sick to do stretches the  last few days, she can no longer reach her mouth when eating things! She’s really stiff! It’s really not fair! She was on her back and I handed her a cracker  and as best she could she couldn’t get it in her mouth without me hovering over her and pushing her arm down. (Because of the  contractures in her elbows.)  Stupid joint contractures!!! Hate them hate  them hate them! So way to go AMC, for making this one “normal” experience instantly “special.” Boo!

But all in all we’re all doing much better. No more grabbing our stomachs and wanting to die. :) And Charley’s comments on my messy  hair are becoming more bearable. :) (I had some puke in my hair for over 24 hours and didn’t notice.)

Oh and Lali learned to play Mario Brothers on the DS during this whole thing. It’s really cute. And she can say, “Baby sick,” which is heart-breaking.

We are so lucky/blessed/ecstatic that Lali is such a good little girl. She didn’t scream through this whole sickness even though it was miserable for her. She was very patient with two sick parents caring for her. She only fussed when absolutely necessary, and only cried  before puking. If she had screamed or thrown fits this whole time, it just would have been so much worse. She really is the greatest little thing. Thank you, Lord God, for my great baby girl!

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  1. Tiffani says:

    I’ve signed up for Arthrogryposis web alerts with Google, and your website came up this morning. My daughter has AMC, she’s 4. My daughter has only been able to get her hand to her mouth one time, with help. So it seems to me that Laelia (who is so purdy) is doing terrific. Sorry she was so sick, I’ve been there too, many times… and it sucks, I know. I wish you all the best and I pray that Laelia will end up with exactly what I want for my daughter: functional independence.

    Happy Holidays!

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