Still Sick Day Three


Day Three

Lali woke up in a ton of puke and diarrhea again this morning. She’s on her forth bedding set, and since we only own one, we get creative with towels for pillows, etc. I heard something that sounded like gagging this morning and I was thankful that we remembered to prop her up  last night so she didn’t drown in it since she doesn’t move much.  She’s so miserable. And because of her arthrogryposis, her flexibility is poor since we can’t stretch her. Changing her diaper was hard since her legs wouldn’t relax.

She is keeping liquids down. Mostly powerade. Except this morning, I really thought she was on the mend. Thankfully Charley and I are doing a little better so we can care for her more.

Our tub clogged with puke. Apparently she puked in the bath one too many times. So gross. My whole apartment is SO gross! When Lali is doing better we’re going to use a baking soda paste to soak everything. But please no visitors! We’re definitely on quarantine! Thanks! :)


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  1. Chelsea P says:

    Poor little thing! Praying for you guys. That was quite the virus!

    I’ll come over this week when you guys are better and disinfected and help with the hard beginnings of stretching again :)

  2. Robin Clark says:

    I’ll add prayers for Laelia to our church prayer chain and for you two as well!

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