Enjoying the health!

I guess that last post  first thing  Saturday morning was the very last time we’d see stomach contents this year. (Knock on wood.) Maybe it was a fluke? I dunno. Anyway, the rest of the day Saturday went okay.  That  afternoon I gave  her hair the baking soda paste treatment for two hours. She loved that. Yeah. Not. :)  But at least it did the trick. No more puke. No more puke smell. I like it. Here are the pictures. I won’t give you the before shots (because I’m nice), but here are  the during and after shots. (The white stuff is baking soda paste, not puke. The puke was orange.)


Not happy.


Daddy is making fun.


All clean!

I am so very thankful for my healthy family! Charley and I have been over this stomach bug  since Friday  so to see Lali (who started before we did) take this long to get over it was hard. She was her old self again today except she’s not eating much.  She had three bites of  toast with peanut butter  for breakfast and two bites of  green beans  for a snack, milk for lunch and then three bites of  spagetti  for dinner.  That’s not counting the countless things I tried to feed her that she spit straight out. We’re not taking to her to school tomorrow to see if she’ll eat and nap like  normal. And if she looks  fine and eats fine then we’ll take her to  her PT and OT appointments which are long overdue because of Thanksgiving and also scheduled for tomorrow. In preparation for OT/PT  I did Lali’s stretches today. Boy did she not like that! She was so stiff! I bet it felt good afterwards! I did notice her hips are a lot stiffer. I’ll have to keep an eye on them.

So far today I’ve cleaned my couch, my tables,  my puke bucket, scrubbed spots all over the house, used up a can of Lysol and almost an entire box of baking soda (which takes the smell out of everything!), did the dishes, washed four loads of laundry (with soap and baking soda), changed the sheets, cleaned out the crib, picked up the living room, dusted the bedroom  and put up our stockings and  a Christmas tree! I’m feeling like super mom again! :) Charley, among a few other things,  did all the vacuuming and is folding all those four loads of clothes as we speak. I’m also hoping he’ll take out the trash. Life is good.

Thanks for all your prayers and thoughts and support! Oh and advice! I’d never had the stomach flu as a family before. Not really the bonding experience I was going for. :)

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