Still sick

Lali threw up again this morning (Monday). We have a doctor’s appointment for her tomorrow morning (Tuesday). Between the stomach flu that’s going around and holiday schedules for doctors, it’s not easy to get an appointment, but since she has a gain-weight order from her doctor and she hasn’t eaten really anything much in almost a week, we get to take her in. I really thought this was behind us, but her hair and bedding are once again disgusting. She’s also having diarrhea. I Just pray this doesn’t last much longer. Now she won’t be able to go to OT or PT that she really needs. She has a broken splint that has needed fixed for days that she’s going without. I hope this is over soon!

4 Responses to “Still sick”

  1. Melissa Rowe says:

    Aw me too! Will keep her in prayer. :[

  2. Nicole says:

    Oh, I’m so sorry :( I know that you and Charley just got everything all clean, too. Like Melissa, I’ll keep you all in my prayers.

  3. julie ki says:

    Sometimes when they are sick — it’s impossible to make them wear equipment and get therapy– but that is OK. As mom’s we feel the guilt– but sometimes we just need to concentrate on making them feel better in the moment– putting the long term goals aside.
    I hope she gets better soon! I know how hard it is…


  4. Tam says:

    I am hoping it breaks soon too. poor kid! its miserable for an adult to be sick that long and that bad but for a kid who just doesnt understand why this keeps happening its awful! poor baby! Hopefully the doctors can do SOMETHINg for her. even just an anti emetic.

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