I forgot to update everyone on the doctor’s visit. It went well. We changed up Laelia’s diet a little and haven’t had any problems with food coming back up since. She is back to the energetic, talkative little kid I’m used to. We haven’t had a single problem in days so we even sent her to school today and rescheduled our OT/PT appointments. :)

The only issue we’ve had at all is Laelia’s new lack of interest in food. She only eats a few bites of food and is losing weight. I wonder if all the throwing up made her distrustful of food. I ended up giving her six little cookies last night for dinner because that was all she would eat, and I was worried about her wasting away. Chelsea also found some lactose-free milk that is packed with calories which she has been drinking a little of.

Well in other news, Lali looked well enough to pose for a few pictures for our Christmas cards this year. The picture above is one I won’t be using, but one I thought was cute. :) It’s the only picture where the hat is not driving her to hysterics. :)

We also put up our tree. Here’s a picture of it before the cats got to it. :) She now says, “Cheeeeeeeeese!” when you take her picture. It’s so cute! :)


Merry Christmas!

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  1. Tam says:

    HEY! Look at those cute little piggers(we call toes piggers)! all straight and lined up in a row! so glad she is feeling better. I bet she will perk up in time with her eating.

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