More on my smart girl and sitting up.

Laelia is so stinkin’ smart! She anticipates the next word in a song or story. She is learning her colors and even though it’s really hard for her, I will catch her saying, “White white white. White sock white sock…” Like she’s trying to remember the color white!

She also has such an imagination! Her duckies have to kiss every time we’re in the bath now. She has a Mama duckie and a Baby duckie who go down the “slide” (the bump in her sit-up bathtub). She made a bread stick “broom” and “beep beep” across the table at Olive Garden along the imaginary road. And she feeds her baby doll, stretches her, gives her milk,  sneaks her cookies and takes care of her every whim.

So her achievements these last months definitely outweigh any delays in gross motor skills. Sitting up by herself is not looking like it will happen this year like I’d hoped. I was holding out for  a Christmas miracle, but it didn’t happen. Lali gets sitting up practice every day now. I’ve also given her a ton of cookies as motivation… making her somewhat of a cookie monster. But she still seems so close and so far away. It’s that initial hurdle of having enough arm strength to get her far enough up to go the rest of the way that’s the issue. Well here’s for goals for next year! Oh and here’s  her progression in videos:

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  1. Joann S says:

    Wow, I am so mesmerized by Laelia! How hard she tries and doesn’t even whine or complain! After trying so hard, she shows compassion for her baby and gives her a cookie! Yes, your daughter is a very smart “cookie” (that is an old expression). I am so thankful to have videos to watch her in action and hear her talk. Now if I could just reach in there and hold her!

    love & hugs to Laelia!

  2. Linda Wesley says:

    I was amazed in the second video to see Laelia rolling around like it’s nothing. I’m so impressed with her! I can hardly believe how much progress she makes all the time. Thanks for being a good mommy and documenting like crazy.

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