Answered Prayer

For those of you who joined me in praying that Laelia would sit up (unassisted) before the New Year, you’ve probably already read my New Years Eve Eve (Dec. 30th) post and accompanying videos of how far away that goal is. What you missed were the hours of practice, the weights we bought to strap to her leg to give her leverage, and the tears as I had to give up the idea that Lali was going to do it  by my time limit, if at all. New Years Eve we went camping and left Lali with Grandma Deb to get spoiled rotten. Unfortunately I got a stomach bug and we had to cut camping short and come back New Years Day. After Charley dropped me off at home, he went to retrieve Lali from Escondido. About an hour and a half later he was back and Lali was back in my arms. (Her hair looking so much better than how we sent her, thank you Kathy. :))

Charley sat at the foot of the couch where I was sprawled out clutching my stomach. He had tears in his eyes and I started to think, Uh oh, what happened? But I could tell he was processing it as he said, “God answered your prayer.”

Apparently (and if they had known this was a big deal at the time they would have taken a video or something) she sat up using the help of a block-shaped bean bag chair. And when Charley (who didn’t at first realize what they were saying) started to ask a few more questions about it, it turns out it happened New Years Eve–before New Years Day like  I had specifically been praying about!

So, you know, cool! :)

I often don’t have a lot of faith. And I lose  the faith I do have  if it’s not on my time schedule. :) But my resolution this year  is to have more faith. And let God do what he wants to do in my angel’s life on his own time schedule. It’s hard  because that seems SO slow to me. She can’t crawl or stand or kneel or walk, etc. and she’s two years and  three months old already. Her physical  disabilities seem worse than they are in other kids with her condition too. (Not the arthrogryposis, but the muscle loss.)  But I trust that God will continue to make himself look good by answering our prayers on Lali’s behalf. Thanks for throwing me a bone here, God. :)

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  1. Robin Clark says:

    This post brought tears to my eyes too! Faith is the key to all of our lives. God bless you all and hurray for Laelia!

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. Nicole says:


    How wonderful, Alexis! Ugh sometimes I need more faith, too. Um, and by “sometimes” I mean “all the time” :-/ This is so great to hear — YAY LAELIA!! ♥

  4. Kiersten says:

    This is fabulous news, Alexis. I am so very happy for you and Charlie and, of course, Laelia.
    Can’t wait to see it on video and I am glad that all the hard word and perseverance has paid off.

  5. Chelsea Powell says:

    Totally crying over here. Adam and rejoicing with you. What an awesome thing. Hooray!

  6. Samantha Harris says:

    Yayyy Laelia!!!!

  7. Joann S says:

    How awesome! Praise the Lord! The good news made me cry also!

  8. Linda Wesley says:

    Tears in my eyes too. Praise God.

  9. Laelia Sky » Blog Archive » Independence! says:

    [...] all by herself if you don’t include the one time four and a half months ago when she sat up using a bean bag chair at Deb and Gary’s when I wasn’t around. Since then do you know how many times a day we get a request for, [...]

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