Grady My Grady


Grady (37)

Boy, Born May 14, 2007

“What a snuggable and happy little boy!   Grady was born with arthrogryposis of his lower limbs.   His hands and arms are fine.   He is not able to walk at this time.   He is only 2, and will so greatly benefit from surgery, therapy, and loving family to encourage him!     Without this, he will remain bedridden for the rest of his life. Please consider Grady for your son!

Contact Andrea [bamaroberts (at)] directly for more information!”

This little guy has been on my heart for a while.   I’ll be honest, I want him. WANT.   If someone wants to give me the best present ever, please send about $25,000 or so my way and convince my husband.   Thanks! :)

I know there are more kids with arthrogryposis that need homes out there. In fact, there is one who is in desperate, immediate need!
But Grady is special to me because he looks so much like Laelia that it kills me!   They’re the same age even.   Plus he’s got fully-functioning arms!   What Lali would give for that!   And just look at that fashion sense; he and my husband must already be related. ;)   Laelia knows Grady’s picture well and asks to see “baby” when I’m on the computer.

We can pray for him and we can donate to his adoption fund (which is still so pitifully small), but he needs someone to actually adopt him.   And soon.

Kids in this part of the world are sent to institutions at around age four or five if they are handicapped. There they receive minimal care and are bedridden for life. From what I read today, once they are sent to an institution, they are at that point no longer eligible for adoption (at least in Russia). It’s sad and terrible, but not a reason to adopt.   But if you are able and willing to adopt, PLEASE email the above address. And if you live anywhere near me, I want to visit! :)

I found Grady’s picture on another blog at the bottom of this post. He’s just so precious!   If you are thinking about adopting someone with arthrogryposis, I will be no help with the adoption stuff since I have never adopted.   But I will be your support system.   And I will promise to answer all your questions about AMC or amyoplasia or whatever!   In fact, there’s more than just me willing to do just that!   I can name off twenty people right now who would be willing to help you know how to care for him!

I’m really hoping you’re out there, because finding him daily on the waiting list (still!) is breaking me up inside.

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  1. Tam says:

    maybe you will link to my blog of waiting kids with arthrogryposis?

  2. Tam says:

    ps you know you dont have to come up with 25Gs all at once. its a little here and there. there are lots of ways to pay for it.

  3. Laelia Sky » Blog Archive » Grady has found a family says:

    [...] a while back I posted a blog about this great little boy who needed a family. He is on my heart a lot. In fact we briefly looked into adopting him. [...]

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