We had a great time at Disneyland last Saturday. Laelia was able to enjoy it more and remember what she had experienced better. The last time we took her to Disneyland she was a cute little baby blob, but now she  is a little person who could request rides and snacks and point out things to us.

We went with Charley’s family who we hadn’t seen in a while. It was a ridiculously good time and Lali got lots of grandparent time. Lali now says, “Grandma” for  all grandmas, “Grandpa” for Charley’s dad and “Peepa” still for my dad. Go figure. (I have no clue where she got “Peepa” from and didn’t even know she could actually say “Grandpa” until this trip.)

Our first ride of the day was Pirates. Bad move. Lali had enjoyed this ride when she was too little to be scared by it, but now it was different. When the ride first got dark she requested, “Lights please.” I knew we were in trouble then. Pirates is a solid 15 minute ride! Right before the first drop with the talking skull, Lali started to shake out of fear. This led to her clinging to me, burrowing into my side and flinging her arm into my lap. I held her tightly which stopped the shaking, and continued to hold her close throughout the ride. I told Charley later that I now understand why guys take girls to scary movies. I enjoyed it.  :) I had to peal her off of me when the ride ended. She came out of it with a sense of accomplishment I think. She kept saying with satisfaction, “Bye bye boat!” :) That said,  when Charley suggested Haunted Mansion next, his sister, mom and I–all three–almost  clobbered him. :)  

The ride she loved the most was the Fantasy Land Carousel. I wouldn’t have guessed this one. Everyone who has tried to put her on one of those animal figures at the park should know that she hates it. First  she gets scared and won’t cooperate, and  then she throws a huge stink until all the other moms start giving you looks. Well, she started out very quiet, but she loved it! It was the only ride she told me, “No no no!” when I tried to remove her. Followed by, “Horsey please. Please!!! Laelia want horsey! See horsey!” Followed by the cutest pouts ever. Next time we’re doing that one at least six times in a row.

Her other  favorite ride (pretty sure it’s on par with the carousel) would have to be the Enchanted  Tiki Room. She still remembers it fondly. If you ask her what’s in the Tiki Room she says, “Birds! Tweet tweet tweet!” And what do they do? “Sing!” And if you start to sing some of the songs, she’ll join in a beat later. So cute!

She also liked It’s a Small World. She was sitting with her grandparents who described her as wide-eyed through the first six hours or so  and then more and more overwhelmed and sensory overloaded  for the last couple hours. (Yes, the ride IS that long. :)) After that she took a nap in her stroller as we wandered around.

We finished out our trip in California Adventure, and I thought it was funny the rides five full-grown adults  endured to please one little two-year old. :-D

It was a good trip, and Lali was on her bestest best baby behavior.    

She has been requesting, “Dizeelan please!” ever since.

Um, so has her Daddy. :)


Here are some of our pictures! Most of these  provided by the  Grandparents. :)


Having just arrived, Babygirl checks the map.


This was her favorite ride.




Grandma kisses.


The blond girls.


Laughing at some inside joke. :)


She sometimes likes to throw herself backwards in your arms to make you scramble not to drop her while she laughs at your terror. Sorry Auntie Linda!


The three of us are making fun of the baby while Grandpa posses for the picture.


Excited to be at Disneyland!


Rolling that big water-covered marble in Tomorrow Land.


Eating dinner.


The whole group.

4 Responses to “Dizeelan!!”

  1. lauren B says:

    In the “eating dinner” picture she looks so much older for some reason. She is so pretty.
    I was reading Ryan the post and he said, “so THATS the boat Lae was talking about!” hahaha Apparently he asked her if she had fun at Disneyland and she kept saying, “boat! Boat! Boat!!!!” :)

  2. Bethany says:

    What a cutie pie, and she already has two Disneyland trips under her belt! (I didn’t go to Disney-anything until college.) My favorite picture is the one of Lali’s grandma kissing her — so very much love for such a little person. :)

  3. Robin Clark says:

    Thanks for sharing this very uplifting, positive post with great pics!

  4. Kathy says:

    I love it! I’m so glad you all had such a great time! I too love Disneyland, from what I can remember of it:)

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