Little girl having fun!


Laelia playing Wii (Click on the picture for the video.)


Playing Night Night with Daddy


Signing Blues Clues with Mommy


Laelia trying to figure out how to open the nail polish.


Laelia and Mommy get home  pedicures.

3 Responses to “Little girl having fun!”

  1. Chelsea Powell says:

    Love the little pedicure :) she can play our wii as much as she wants until Charles is allowed to have a wii ;)

  2. lauren B says:

    Such cute matching pedies!!! I love the night night game and the wii. So cute!

  3. Bethany says:

    Sophie says, “Just like me, Sophie!” Oh, these two girls are so alike… The “chicken game” on the Wii is Sophie’s favorite too, she shouts “Awake!” upon getting up (or if she’s afraid we’re about to put her down for a nap), and always chooses the glittery blue toenail polish. Are you sure they’re not twins separated at birth? :)

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