Another miracle!


Laelia can now stand on her knees!!!

This is her biggest accomplishment to date! Doctors said she wouldn’t be able to do this! (Some said it straight out and others had it in a list of things she likely wouldn’t do.) We only recently started weight bearing on her knees, and now she can do it! For about ten second straight! She’s our miracle! But that’s not all she can do.


Laelia “standing” and saying to the mirror, “I do it!”


Even though she’s not weight bearing as she goes, she knows instinctively to lift one leg and then the other!


And lastly, Lali feeding herself!!! Yay? Um… :-/


5 Responses to “Another miracle!”

  1. Tam says:

    oh how precious to see her walking. she is amazing.

  2. Linda Wesley says:

    Love love LOVE. That is what I have to say about this post.

  3. lauren B says:


  4. Robin Clark says:

    She is truly God’s most precious miracle! Awesome–way to go Laelia!

  5. Jennie Thompson says:

    So excited for you all. I know how exciting the normal everyday things are.
    So proud of her! Go Laelia! And Go Mom! I know the work with our special needs children is often times overwhelming, but we keep going for these kinds of moments.

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