Time with family


Wiping off the chocolate remains of what was actually Nate’s sundae. :)


Laelia’s cousins (Nathan and Josh) at Nate’s goodbye dinner.


Lali (on the drive home): “Where Nate?” Me: “He had to go bye-bye.” Lali: “Bye-bye Nate.”

Two minutes later. “Where Nate? (She thinks about it.) Nate bye-bye.”


Oh and Laelia totally wants a tattoo now. (Nate is a tattoo artist.)

Me: “Laelia, do you want a tattoo?”

Laelia: “YEAH!”

Me: “Laelia, do you want hepatitis?”

Laelia: “YEAH!!”

Me (mock scolding): “What do you say?”

Laelia: “Pleeeeeeease!”


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