Pictures of the Girlie


I have this picture on my desktop at work.

I love that Lauren takes pictures and posts them for me to see while at work! The school bus drops Lali off with Lauren and Ryan on Mondays and Thursdays to spend a couple hours there while Mommy finishes up her work day. When I do arrive, Lali loves to scoot from Lauren’s front door all the way to the driveway to get in the car. :)


Other fun times with Lauren include:




Dress Up!


This is an old one, but look at that hair! She won’t let Mama near her hair! Ha! :)

I love you, Lauren!!! See you later today!

2 Responses to “Pictures of the Girlie”

  1. Joann S says:

    Ah ha! thank you for always posting them on this website so I also have copies of the pictures. I can’t copy them from the e mail for some reason. she is adorable! lol and hugs to Laelia!

  2. lauren B says:

    awww! She is so stink’n cute <3

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