Laelia Videos Through the Years

I wrote this last week for a mom who has a six-month old with the same condition as Laelia.   She was worried that because her child barely moved her arms, that this would mean a future of having to do everything for her daughter–brushing her teeth, helping her go potty, everything.   After writing this I decided to share an edited version (the Laelia section) of it with everyone.   So if your child has arthrogryposis or amyoplasia and you’re worried they’ll never do anything with their arms, then be encouraged!   These kids are rock stars!


My daughter was born with barely any arm muscle too. We did (and still do) daily stretches and weight bearing and activities to get her to move her arms, but it just didn’t seem to help her move. We found out later that she was born without biceps too.   And I was so worried when she was six months old that I’d be doing everything for her.   I mean, she barely EVER moved.   If we saw a flinch we got excited.   Well here I’ll show you; just copy and past the following links to see.

Laelia 3 months-6 months <– Laelia couldn’t move her arms either <–first time she ever significantly lifted her right arm <–her left <–first time she ever moved her right arm at all <–first time she ever moved her right shoulder to reach <–her left <–reaching across her chest with her right arm

Okay these videos look downright depressing, right? Look familiar at all? And you can see just how little she moved. But these kids adapt.

1 year later <–Lali lifts both arms her own way … re=related <–first time she ever feeds herself … re=related <–turning pages of her toy <–yeah, my kid can play ball ;) <–I invented this and now she can reach things at eye level <–this video doesn’t show that she got her own arm up on the table too

Laelia at 2 years old <–working a caster cart (the poor man’s wheelchair) … re=related <–driving a car!!!

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  1. Melissa Rowe says:

    That’s awesome! Made me tear up a little…they grow so fast. It’s weird…Laelia was just a baby! She has come so far. :)

  2. Kiersten says:

    please feel free to share ryan’s blog with this new mom, Alexis. Those first few months were the worst, but Laelia’s blog got me through and THANKS for sharing Laelia’s story with us!

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