Laelia firsts on Sunday: Laelia’s first earthquake. Laelia’s first time eating an entire chocolate bunny. Laelia’s first puppet show. Great day!




Falling asleep but still smiling.

We had a great time with family-level friends for Easter. Once again this year they hid Easter eggs that Laelia could find. Then the guys carried her around waiting for her eyes to light up and for her to yell, “I see it! I  find it!” :)

We went to church Easter morning and the sermon on Philippians 3:8-10 started out, “I consider everything a loss compared to the surpassing greatness of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord, for whose sake I have lost all things. I consider them rubbish, that I may gain Christ.”   And  it was just what I needed to hear for me to even pay attention to the rest of the sermon. I needed to hear that we can cheerfully give up all things (like expectations about crawling, walking or running) for something much better. And I was desperate for the reassurance that this isn’t all there is. And everyone knows how I hate to get “church-y,”  but after hearing the Wednesday before that my daughter was too disabled to treat, I was kinda depressed. And I wondered how much hope I really have in God or the Bible. Or how much God really cares for Lali.  And that’s a  weird and uncomfortable line of thinking  for me to work through–being agnostic half the time as I am. But I decided to trust God with this, and  that doesn’t feel as weird as I thought it would. And I want that experience with/knowledge of  Christ that the passage talks about.

Monday Lali counted to 16!!!!!!!!! She didn’t stop at ten like she usually does, and I was so impressed when she (painfully) pronounced eleven and  twelve! Then she kept going all the way to 16!   Next we’re working on the alphabet!

In other cute news, on Saturday Laelia announced, “Laelia legs broken,” after I said one too many times that she needed to go and get her toy by herself since, and this is where I went  wrong,  “…your legs  aren’t broken!” :)

Monday afternoon we met with Head Start in National City to fill out a long application and take a tour of the facilities. Right now Laelia is in Early Head Start, but next year (September) we’re hoping she’ll start  with Head Start! We still need to do Laelia’s IEP (Individual Education Plan) in June or July to complete the application. I’m already getting some good advice about  doing her IEP. We set goals with the IFSP (Individual Family Service Plan) for younger kids that she has now, and I can tell you that  making goals  is not  my strong point. I either come up with something impossible or way  too easy. Like when she was  only a few months old I had her goal  as standing or walking by age one!  As for easy,  this last time we said we wanted her to do her weight bearing without fussing (to show stamina) for 20 minutes, and she accomplished that very thing later that same day! So what do we do with the rest of the six months? :) So I’ll have to do my homework and think through everything I need for her in a school  day as well as goals for the future that are reasonable. We’re so glad that Head Start is considering Lali, and that they’re willing to  give her equal access to learning and playing.

Well I’m off to do some weight bearing with my daughter. This is part of a new routine with longer amounts of  exercise time  to see what she can do. It’s not easy on anyone. But I’m hoping my husband will volunteer to do this round and let me take a shower. I mean, I did let him win at ping pong on Sunday four times in a row. He so owes me. :)

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  1. lauren B says:

    Lately laelia has been cracking me up when I tell her “Its time for stretches!” She yells, “stretches” and rolls into her back. What is this sudden compliance with stretches?! Maybe its cause she gets to watch Cliford while we do them :)

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