Just to mark this spectacular occasion with it’s own post: here is Laelia sitting up by herself (or as we say, “by Laelia’s self”) with no assistance from Mom! And I caught it on video!

This is the first time she’s done it all by herself if you don’t include the one time four and a half months ago when she  sat up using a bean bag chair at Deb and Gary’s when I wasn’t around. Since then do you know how many times a day we get a request for, “Up please!” Well not anymore! :) Now when she wants  to sit up,  she can go to her wedge! :) Hopefully she won’t expect candy every time. :-/

And for those of you keeping up with her sitting up progress, we’ve been doing different versions of the video below for months and months with no success.

I’m so excited for my baby girl! Yay independence! Yay 30 degree wedge! Yay Laelia!

2 Responses to “Independence!”

  1. Robin Clark says:

    Wowee!! Laelia is just awesome! Congratulations! After reading your description of the doc from Philly, I think the coming years are going to be filled with successes! What a gal. :)

  2. Kiersten says:

    I am sooo proud of the baby girl – she’s working hard and I’m happy to see her success! Go Laelia!

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