Tired of Quacks?


Well you’re heading to Philly, Baby!!!

Okay so we haven’t seen any quacks, really. But we have been told some interesting things by “knowledgeable” medical professionals.   :)

Just got off the phone with Shriner’s Hospital in Philadelphia and we have a scheduled appointment with Dr. van Bosse and Dr. Kozin on Friday, June 18th!!! We’re praying we qualify for derotational osteotomies despite Lali being severly hypotonic, but we’re trusting in God to show us what’s best.   I know I don’t know what’s best for Laelia, or what I’m doing half the time. :)   I didn’t even know when to make this appointment, but I had good friends who were “in the know” praying about this and it seems to have worked out perfectly!   This date was the only one available any time soon and my boss gave me the time off without blinking an eye. Plus this is before our summer rush here at work so I won’t be stressed out. Plus this is soon enough to not feel like we’re wasting time, but far enough away to work on Lali’s muscle gain in the mean time. I think this was perfect timing!

So our goal for the next two months is to work extra hard on weight bearing and strengthening Lali’s body in preparation for this visit: more push ups and more standing on her knees and more sit-ups! If anyone can think of ideas on how to make that fun let me know.

Thank you Lord!   And thank you Megan and Chelsea and Lauren for all the time and energy you put into Laelia! She’s really come along and I know she is a lot more willing to do stretches and weigh bearing for you guys. :)   And thank you Dawn, if you read this, since you suggested taking Lali to school where she absolutely bloomed into an articulate little person! And she can tell us what weight bearing she can do and we can encourage her and she understands us! I love her teachers! Also thanks to Tracey and other AMC mommies who helped us find these doctors and get an application in!

Okay now I get to start the fun process of getting flights to Philly. I just emailed (because her voice mail was full) the Midwest Airlines Miracle Miles Program coordinator to see if she can help us. We’ll see.   Either way, we’re going forward! Scary and exciting!


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  1. Tracey says:

    Ohh I wish you could see the goofy grin on my face right now. I’m SOOOOOOOO excited you’re going sooner rather then later. Now I’ll start praying my next surgery happens soon enough that I need an appointment on the 18th of June so I can meet you!

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