The naps Laelia has tricked her daddy into

Laelia has amyoplasia (weak and missing muscle), and an overall diagnosis of  arthrogryposis (stiff joints or joint contractures). Laelia has two daily activities that are part of her  treatment at home: stretches for the stiff joints and weight bearing (on her knees in our laps)  to gain muscle.  Laelia’s daddy  will often  help with Laelia’s therapy.   And although I hate to tattle on them, sometimes  when I go to check up on them, I find this:


Here’s the weight-bearing-on-our-knees nap.


And this one is the we’re-going-upstairs-to-do-stretches nap.



3 Responses to “The naps Laelia has tricked her daddy into”

  1. Joann S says:

    This is so funny! Really made me laugh! nothing like a picture to catch the guilty parties!

  2. Kate says:

    Awww! That’s too precious! Daddy must have given her some kind of wicked workout!! ;-)

  3. lauren B says:


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